Greetings and Apologies

* O my faithful Bloggies! I have not forsaken you. Just been pretty busy, and the computer at home has been overrun by sons, husbands and nephews.

* Every time I sit down, someone NEEEEDS me.

* Last night, I sat down to catch up with everyone's news and I COULD NOT GET ANYWHERE! I had a connection, but none of my pages would load. It seems that our desktop has become a shopping junkie and only visits Visa-Card suppourted sites which sell remote control boat parts, rally car manuals and other manly things. The desktop, she is sucking up to my husband again. She is a money-grabbing hussy.

* I decided that it was a sign that I should put my tired self to bed.

* Then I couldn't sleep. Woke up every ten minutes. That's not like me, I can usually sleep standing on my head if necessary.

* I really miss my bloggy friends, and I am dying to know what everyone's been up to. I also need the therapy of writing stuff down. I am used to the desktop now, and the Blackberry seems sloooow and cantankerous.

* Chas is getting a rare snake to keep. It is slightly venomous, and he is very excited. The uncle who is giving him the snake cannot take a hint. I am not too concerned, though. I will look it all up and talk to the experts.

* I have had six boys living in my house all week.

* Sailing Camp started yesterday. HOORAY! Two weeks of peace! This has worked out well. I was JUST beginning to get a bit tired of hearing "The Barracuda Song" as written and performed by Sam, Max and Issa, to the tune of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah". "Barr-aaa-cuuuu-da, baaaa-ra-cuuuu-da....."

* Also, the mud being tracked in and out of the house. In and out, in and out, in and out. Why is it that when rain starts to pour, in the traditional Tropical Downpour way, it is taken as a signal to begin a wild, shirtless soccer match?

* Now I can get sick of wet baggies and towels lurking in bags.

* The boys have had three violin classes, to introduce them to the joys of classical and folk music. They are doing very well. They come home and play "One" and "Smoke On The Water", but I live in hope. At least they are practising, even if it isn't exactly the music I had in mind. They LOVE playing the violin, and they sound good, but learning to read sheet music is boring.

* I am at work now, so I am going to go and do some! Tonight, I will be online at home again and I will catch up with everyone, and post some pictures of rainy soccer matches, home made sundaes, and other wonders of the Holidays.


Anonymous said…
No apologies--you are busy busy busy and your bloggy readers will be here when the dust settles;)
Anonymous said…
Busy Busy Busy Busy as a bee! I was wondering where you went! :) Glad to have ya back!
Life gets busy and in the way of the important stuff, like blogging sometimes ;)

Yikes! Six boys in your house. You deserve a vacation. Or atleast some wine!
Ndinombethe said…
Ahh so Chasbo gets the snake after all!?! Oh dear...

Zac plays the exact songs OVER and OVER and OVER on his guitar.
Anonymous said…
Hello my darling Nan. I haven't had internet access for a while, been on the road you know, but I'm home for almost a week, time to catch up. Oh! The snake! Slightly venomous? Eeeek!