Summer Giant Bubble Fun!

Ingredients: About a bucket of soft water. Rainwater is best, but regular tap water is nearly as good. Add about ten fl. oz. of "Dawn" dishwashing liquid, and a tablespoon or so of Glycerin. You can get Glycerin at the pharmacy.

Mix well, and let sit overnight or for several hours.

Use a strip of fabric attached to a stick to make REALLY ENORMOUS bubbles. For more manageable ones, use pipe cleaners joined together in a circle. Be brave! Of course, you can use your hands too.

Warning! Avoid putting your soapy fingers in your eyes! If you want to close up the end of the bubble as in picture 2, you need to twist your pipe cleaners or fabric strip so that the sides touch. Close the circle. That "frees" the bubble.

Let us know if you have an even better recipe. And see if you can come up with more cool techniques! Tell us!


Anonymous said…
That is AMAZING. I'm going to get glycerin this week and doing that with my boys. But more amazing are those gorgeous flowers where you live and the art you create. Wow.
Anonymous said…
I imagined my fart bubbles during colonic hydrotherapy to be like these bubbles.
Nan Sheppard said…
WhaaHaHa! You take bubble fun to a whole new level!
Anonymous said…
Wow, fart Bubbles, I'm not alone in this world.

I sat in the Tub
Water, Dawn and Glycerin
My farts visible

Theresa said…
I just love the direction the comments have gone. Kyah kyah kyah.
Candygirlflies said…
I am NOT going to say snot bubbles.

Snot me.

xo CGF

ps. Sorry.
Islandgirl said…
Bubble, bubble, boil and
'specially when Sean
eats beans on the double....

best I could do :-)hehe..thought shakespeare would give it a little class...
Provoked by Sharons poem and inspiredby my ever improving Haiku,(up's the only way from here baby)I have decided that from now onwards i shall comment only in Haiku ......uh uh uh ahemmm

Your poem was dread
but William's long been dead
and haiku dont rhyme...

yeah baby