What we've been up to

After long hard days of catching up with the U.S. average Hours of Screen Time (Four hours! is that right? Four hours is the AVERAGE time kids in the U.S. spend in front of a screen every day? Please don't tell my kids- I kick them off of the computer way sooner), football in the rain, lying about on beds reading, de-tuning all of the guitars to "drop D", and fishin' in the pond, what do we need to top off the day???

Well, whipped cream out of a can and a cherry, of course!!!! Aren't holidays great?

Some of these pictures were taken by Sharon with her snazzy new camera. Don't you just love those star sprinkles? Sam and I bought them on one of our Mall Shopping Experiences in Atlanta in May. We used them on his Birthday Cake, and had some left over. So we bought the ice cream, hot fudge topping, whipped cream and maraschino cherries to go with them last week!


If it weren't for those tarantulas, I'd want to come for a visit because you and your boys always look like your having FUN.
Unknown said…
The cherry is what makes it. The cherry.
Anonymous said…
Very cute sprinkles!
Anonymous said…
Looks like the party for Sam was a blast! Love the sprinkles and I wish Sam a very happy birthday!
Candygirlflies said…
See? And I'm aaaaall about the whipped-cream-out-of-a-can.


xo CGF