Yesterday, Chas and Sam had their VERY FIRST VIOLIN LESSON. They played some guitar and cuatro for "Miss Gloria", and she asked me WHO their guitar teacher was. "Myself and their Dad" I said. She made a "Very Impressed" face. The boys had a ball at their violin lesson, and are learning to read music. I hope. We managed to find a kid's sized violin second hand, after hours of driving around, phone calls, and angst. It was a miracle. I had been told at three different music stores "Second Hand Half-Size? Chance in a million. Get one new." I had just about given up and gone on EBay when Sean decided to call a friend who might have suggestions. "Yeah, a lady just dropped one here to sell" he said, "no bow though." No violin had ever passed through his shop before- FATE! Cost: $300 TT, about forty-something US. German made.

SOLD! We have a full-size bow, and Aunty Beens will bring us a kids one when she comes in from England next week cuz she's the COOLEST AUNTY EVER!

Last night, Grandma Fatima ("Gramma Fats") and Papa came over to hang out and the boys entertained everyone. My Mum and Dad came over too. Fatima brought good food, so I bunged my meal into the fridge and today I won't have to cook! Haha! The boys all entertained everyone with a musical extravaganza, because there is no better audience than a crowd of Grandparents!

Today, we have had an early breakfast. A great cleaning of Chas' room was advertised, but it has morphed into the Annual Summer Paper Aeroplane Showdown. I went through school copybooks last week, cutting out the unused pages and stacking them in a container for later use. The waste of paper is phenomenal, and part of me wants to say "You are wasting paper!" but in the interests of science and entertainment I will be quiet and think of all of the good compost those paper planes will make. They have names like "Flashbug" and "Hornet", and the best ones will be decorated and kept safe. Some loop-the-loop. Some glide for miles. Some crash spectacularly.

We have a dentist's appointment this morning, eek! No-one is looking forward to that.

Meanwhile, Max has been "delicate". Sort of fine one minute, and in tears the next. Touchy. Is he coming down with something? Is it purely theatrical? Should I bring his favorite cousin over to spend the night? Does Max need more Mama time? Is he finding it difficult being out of the school routine? Is it difficult for him to keep up with his big brothers?

I have been putting him to bed early, thinking he must be overtired/having a growth spurt/needs stories and cuddling. It doesn't seem to be making any difference. Any suggestions?


Theresa said…
The angel was real weird last couple days and not sleeping well either. Today she cut a new tooth. Does Max have all his teeth?

And what does Sam find interesting? I wanna bring a cool b'day present.
Candygirlflies said…
Booze for the mother is ALWAYS the best remedy.

xo CGF
Nan Sheppard said…
Booze AGAIN? Dude, people will start to talk! Though I suppose I could sneak the whole bottle up into my bedroom, that way no-one would know...
Anonymous said…
Always happens like that doesn't it - you know they're coming down with something when they're off