Ah, Quit yer whinin'

That's a message to myself of course. Winsor Newton discontinued their "Purple Madder" watercolour some years back, much to the dismay of watercolourists everywhere.

A couple of weeks ago, I found a mangy, dried-up tube of the stuff in a heap of junk! Along with other treasures. SO! I have spent part of my morning trying to re-create Purple Madder. Here is the recipe:

Some Brown Madder

A speck of Indigo

A speck of Dioxazine Violet.

All artist quality Winsor Newton colours.

Ta-Daa! Good luck, and Quit Moanin'!


Unknown said…
I have never tried watercolor. I'm barely able to do oils. I haven't even tried acrylic, except to tone the ground for an oil. Ther is so MUCH I have yet to learn. I will keep that recipe on file - for the day I start doing watercolor.