The Avocado and Plantain Diet

The babies behaved very well today, and socialized with all of the kids at sailing camp. We had an impromptu "Unschooling" lesson after camp about marsupials (you can see their little pouches forming already!), nocturnal mammals, and how to be gentle with a baby manicou. The kids at camp were thrilled, and can't wait to see them again tomorrow. I even managed to mention that, even though I am feeding the babies milk with a glass dropper, it is not ideal because their mother's milk would have been the BEST THING for them. All mammals make milk for their babies, including humans! And the milk that we make is the best, yummiest thing ever for our babies!

Tomorrow's lesson: Introducing Solids! The manicous' eyes are beginning to open, and they are getting adventurous and biting things: a sure sign that they may be ready for more than milk. I just placed an experimental slice of avocado and a piece of banana in the manicous' travelling cage, and BOY DID THEY KNOW WHAT TO DO! They leaped on the fruit like the happiest manicous in the world.

Stinky was a little slow on the uptake. She ate a little banana and went back to sleep. So I fed her a little more milk. She just isn't ready to be one of the big kids yet. Boudica and Chicken got themselves covered in food, had a fight and then licked each other clean. Including their butts. So endearing. Who wouldn't love manicous?

Before I go to bed, which will be SOON, I will put a piece of egg yolk in their night time home (a cooler- cat proof and warm, y'all) and rejoice!


I'd lick my butt too
If I were a Manicou
Won't you lick yours too?
Islandgirl said…
my butt's too big
from all that fig
instead I'll do the manicou jigg, dig?
Islandgirl said…
"The 12 Days of Sailing Camp"

A song written by Sharon Arrindell, Nancy Sheppard and our beautiful little boys while sitting in traffic at 8 am this morning. Sung to the tune of "The 12 days of Christmas". Nevermind there are only 10 days of sailing camp - we are allowed a little poetic licence!

(Won't sing the whole song, you know how it goes..will just cut to the chase!!)

On the 12th day of sailing camp we travelled very far
With 12 breakfast doubles,
Eleven ends of sunblock
Ten smelly towels
Nine errands to RU-UHN
Eight pairs of shoes lost
Seven miles of traffic (yes we checked!!)
Six squishy sandwiches
FIIIVVVEEE FUN KEEEE TREEEEES!! (Miranda you can thank us later!)
Four farting boys
Three Manicou

Two stressed out moms
and a cooler full of snacks in the CAARRRRRRRRR

Ya gotta love it!
Nan Sheppard said…
AAAARGH, Manicou Haikus! It was bound to happen...
Theresa said…
kyah kyah kyah