Birthday Barbeque

* The last day of sailing was "Great"! Chas won best sailor in his group, and he and Sam are now grade 2 sailors! Max won "Most Improved" which means that his brothers can tease him that he could ONLY have improved, etc. He is now a grade 1 sailor! Mikey also won "Most Improved" in his group, but they won't tease him because he will a) ignore them or b) beat them up. Max is great to tease because he gets SO UPSET! And wallops them with his Small Fists. Anyway, Max is totally proud with his certificates, and his T-Shirt which makes him look like a REAL sailor. He's got the shirt now, people!

* I have great pictures. Will post.

* So we got home late and tired.

* Again.

* This morning we got up at the crack of dawn because we had a WALKATHON. Yes, folks, I really wanted to do a walkathon this morning. Really. Last night, when I crawled into bed after the Babies' last feed, I thought "Oh, goody! I get to get up at six to do a walkathon!" Sean and the boys came, and it was fun after all so I will quit whining. It was in aid of World Breastfeeding Week. (I am a Lactation Consultant, y'all.)

* The babies are very well and thriving, though little Stinky is still slower and smaller than her brother and sister.

* Tonight is Debs' Birthday Party Barbeque, so we have been hanging out in the kitchen and sweating. Debs is looking like a million dollars. We have been dancing and singing to John Mayer's Live CD.

* And drinking wine.

* Now we are waiting for the guests.

* The manicou babies are in the kitchen. They like to party too.

* The boys are inside watching Indiana Jones and playing video games, because violent movies are not allowed UNLESS we need the kids out of the way while we party. They are happy, and we are happy. Max will be sleeping in our bed for a week. Party on!


Anonymous said…
Party with the manicous. Sounds about right to me! Happy Birthday, Deb.
Ndinombethe said…
Happy birthday Debs! Sure you'll had a blast!
Ndinombethe said…
ohh and congrats to the boys!!
Islandgirl said…
ehhem...yuh forgot to mention how you FORGOT the baby manicous on top de washing machine after Debs party! hehehe Bad manicou mommy...but you are forgiven..I once packed up the car with the playpen, the stroller, the baby bag, the car seat and happily drove off (by accident) and left my baby Stef! Fortunately it was at her grandmother's house..Andrew and I were half way down the highway before we realised! I'll probably never live that down
Theresa said…
Happy Birthday Debs!! YAY for the boys!