Brasso Seco Photos and News

Another glorious Brasso Seco trip! We haven't been in months, so it was extra-special. AND! Sean and Aunty Beans came along too, and did two great hikes: The first day we walked a little way to Marianne river, just to get our muscles un-kinked. The next day we did a more challenging walk to Double River Falls, and it poured with rain on both days. (What, RAIN??? In the RAINFOREST??) We didn't mind. The sun shone in between, and Sean and I lay down and looked up into the canopy where raindrops were coming through the sunlight towards us like a galaxy in hyperdrive. Occasionally a large drop would hit a leaf and explode in a mist of wow.

Max did not come with us on our long second-day hike. He looked at the lowering sky and said "Double River? No way." I did not try to persuade him, and I am very glad I let him stay back. Even Khalil, who never complains or gets tired, had a moment of weakness due to the inclement weather. It was a long way to go for someone with such short legs! Once back at Home Base, we had good things to eat and warm, dry clothes.

It was great to have Sean there, as his cooking is the BEST even without any modern conveniences! The moment Sean and Beans arrived, they said "OOOOH LOOK! Chadon beni growing everywhere! And LOOOOK! A pommecythere tree!!!!" So a chow was concocted in no time.

Speaking of food, our two babies of course came with us and were babysat by Mum, and they are now eating WORMS! They are viscious killers, people! I can see how a full-grown manicou would be able to take on a snake: Chicken and Buddy pounce on their fat worms and bite them in half, using their little hands really cleverly. They sleep most of the day, and also eat mango, hog plum and hard-boiled egg yolks. Soon, they will be ready for release into the wild.

Chas and Sean caught plenty of crayfish, which now live in TWO aquariums. We also gave some to Sean's friend Danny, who is delirious with joy! Crayfish are way more interesting than fish, and come in an array of colours, personalities and feeding habits. Chas talks knowlegeably of "Macroburcrium Crenuladum", which I have probably spelled wrong, and gives them guppies who dart nervously around the tank waiting to be massacred. Our pets are all a little ferocious these days!

What else can I say? I hope I haven't posted too many pictures in one go... Let's see if our internet connection can manage this!

Interested in visiting Brasso Seco? will give you information on where to stay and how to get there. Karl is a totally fantastic guide. Tell him I sent you.


GirlBlue said…
Sounds like a grand time.

Am I the only one that sees that one pic and sees the natives lighting a fire under you two
Theresa said…
I was soooo hoping to go hiking when I was home :( boo hoo. But with the weather, I guess it was best that it didn't happen. Glad the babies are thriving! Tell Aunty Beans to lap it up! Enjoy it!!!! It's getting kinda cold again over here.
Ndinombethe said…
Love the pic of the two of you in the JACUZZI!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
Very cool. Thanks for the photos!