Cute Baby Giveaway!!!

On Sunday morning, we planted one meeeeelion trees at the Point-A-Pierre Wild Fowl Trust. (Hmmm, that site hasn't been updated since 1982, it seems).This is what my feet looked like, because my alarm clock didn't go off and I ran out in my flip-flops. It is impossible to walk up and down a steep, muddy hill carrying large trees, bamboo stakes and PVC sleeves in flip-flops. Don't even try.

There's nothing like being muddy, scratched, cut, sweaty and smelling like a goat to blow the ol' cobwebs out of the ol' brain, hey what?

Tonight, I have five new manicou babies:

Aren't they cuuuute? Would you like them? They come with FREEE glass dropper, tiny feeder, tin of formula, cage and full set of care instructions. I am serious. I will bring them to you tomorrow morning early. They need to be fed hourly.

Probably their mommy was shot by hunters? They have long prehensile tails, and pouches. Perfect pets, and you can set them free at the end of the Holidays.

BONUS! CONTEST: First five commenters get to name the five babies! One name per visitor, please.

Edited: You guys are so lame. Come on, you can come up with great names if you really try!


Anonymous said…
They wouldn't make it past customs, but otherwise, I would so be all over feeding critters every hour on the hour. Why not feed them to the venomous snake? Do you sense a fascination with the snake here?
Unknown said…
Don't listen to witchy. They're cute. My sister and I raised baby squirrels on doll bottles when we were kids. Mama squirrel left them on the porch. We used to feed her. Anyway. Can't get them through customs, but can I name one 'Boudica'?

A girl one?
Ndinombethe said…
Coming up blank on the name front right now. i'll be back. They're cute. Your life is so incredibly diverse in da bush!
Nan Sheppard said…
Okay, Boudicea is a good one. Warlike. Possom-esque. We need four more names, readers!
Theresa said…
names: One, Two, Three, Four and Chicken Soup :)
GirlBlue said…
Stinky, Binky and Boo hehehe

Where on earth did you get baby manicou instructions from? When I had mine I couldn't find a good set anywhere.