A Hurricane-Proof Roof

Debs has the "Q" and the "Z", but I just made a seven-letter word, "shunted", so all is well. Sean and Chas are on the roof banging loudly. Grandpa Bobby has been banned from climbing on roofs so he is giving instructions.

Sean and Bobby arrived this morning, bringing cloudy weather. They will not stay, since Mayaro is really a Mommies' holiday: Eleven little boys, two teen girls (YAY for teenage girls!) and a bunch of women who are here to relax, laugh, and leave our kids' wet, sandy clothes on the floor if that's where they seem to be happiest. We do the minimum housework possible, and spend the rest of the time cackling like a bunch of hens. Or witches. Somehow, men don't want to be around women when we are cackling! Why ever not I wonder? Ever since that time in the kitchen here when I brandished a spatula threateningly at my father-in-law, somehow the men keep their distance.

Boy, have we laughed. And drunk a lot of wine, left over from Debs' party. And tea, of course. Chocolate also figures. Oh yeah, the kids? Where are they, anyway?

Oh, yes, they are on the beach. We can see them from our Scrabble perch, kicking a ball around, digging a hole, building the biggest sandcastle ever, damming the trickle. River. Whatever. They come up together and say "Can we go in the sea now? Puhlleeeeeze?" and we say "After Lunch" or "Okay!" depending upon our whim. No-one is allowed in the sea without an adult, or there will be BIG TROUBLE.

Oh, another brilliant seven-letter word which maybe isn't in the dictionary, but was allowed on principle, was "billings". As in, "What do you call a woman who uses the Billings Method of birth control?" ..... "Mom!" HAHAhaha! Okay, don't get on your high horse people, I do know people who have used that method successfully. Relax.

Everyone brought boxes of brownie mix, (Gosh, how does this happen?) so brownies have been an important part of our diet. Also marshmallows and sausages toasted on a bonfire.

And sparklers. You can't eat those though.

In other news, a nice-looking pot-hound walked up to me on the beach and said "Look, I have a bunch of maggots in this cut on my leg." anyone want a nice dog? Her leg will be fine, she is on antibiotics, we have cleaned her up good. She will probably do fine as a Mayaro Stray, but I think she belonged to someone before. She is a sweet dog, looks like some hound in her. Big Snoopy ears. Gentle.

School starts on the 2nd. We are NOT READY! This is our last fling with freedom, naps, brownies, sleeping in, snuggling, watching dvds, and marathon scrabble matches.

It's the end of another Summer Holiday. Waaaah!


Theresa said…
I heard about the bad weather. Hope it clears up soon. Enjoy enjoy enjoy the rest of your vacation!
Unknown said…
Bad weather or not, I'm STILL jealous. besides, you and Tash get to hang out together. so I'm even MORE jealous.
Anonymous said…
Oh my, brownies, wine and girlfriends to cackle with? Sounds a bit like heaven to me.
Anonymous said…
Are your summers always this fun?