Introducing The Genius Children of Nan and Sean!

Laydeeeez and Gentlemen, Homeschoolers, Unschoolers, introducing a new website designed for and by Underage Naturalists! Does your child love dirt? Do they want a pet tarantula? Are they happiest when underwater? Well, so are mine.

Send your kids over to Rainforest Information and let's get those brains working now before the Academic Year sends them all back into "neutral" gear.

The site is supposed to be maintained entirely by the kids, with photos taken by them and all research conducted by them. I hope you are all as excited by this as I am!


Islandgirl said…
Will check out the kids site but just wanted you to know GRUBER IS BACK!!!!! YAYYYY The mummified frog I found behind the computer wasn't him!!! YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Check my site for new pic!! heheheheh
Islandgirl said… - check Gruber out!!
Anonymous said…
Yay for them!