The News In Brief

* Our computer needed to have it's memory thing re-seated, (it's brain is in it's bottom, apparently) and is now running fine but I still cannot seem to get online without numerous drops and irritating frozen moments. No photos were lost, whew!

* Chas was bitten by a surprised and annoyed tarantula as he leaped into bed two nights ago. He let out a shreeeek! of pain and whacked the frightened tarantula out of the window. Both boy and arachnid are perfectly fine. Chas does not have an urge to climb any walls or eat flies. If he gets any more injuries I might make him wear body armour.

* I just went and sat out by the tilapia pool and watched Max "fishing". We chatted about bait, lines, the one that got away (huge!) and whether one could "use the force" to encourage better fishing. I noticed that Max fishes at the shallow end of the pool, where the tiny fish are. He squeezes the bread onto his hook and lets the little fish nibble till all his bait is gone and then repeats the process. This gives him endless hours of quiet thinking time, un-interrupted by any actual catches. It's a good technique.

* Chas and Sam are on the computer, making whole towns with "Google Sketch-Up". This is a great program, sure to turn any layperson into an architecht overnight.

* We are missing sailing camp today, because it is Sharon's turn to be the driver (I have no car this week) and Mikey has a tummy virus. Poor lamb! My boys are not gnashing and wailing in despair, and I think a quiet day at home is just what they need. We had a pretty busy weekend.

* Happy Birthday Debs!! Welcome to "Half of Seventy", ya old bat!!


GirlBlue said…
Poor Chas! Poor tarantula!
I'm glad neither of them were the worse for wear after the incident.

Max has more patience than I ever will that's for sure.

LOL @ half of 70 eeepppsss that will be me next month...wahhhhhh
Unknown said…
Half of Seventy. I wish. I'm jealous. This September I will be celebrating the 42nd anniversary of my 21st birthday. OR 28 years on the wrong side of Half of Seventy.

On another note, y'all make paradise sound just a bit ... threatening, what with tarantulas in one's bed, and all.

*shivers* spiders!!!! *shivers*
Theresa said…
Happy Birthday Debs!!! Hope Mikey feels better soon.
Anonymous said…
Adventures in tarantula land! And still, you are considering having a slightly venonous snake as a pet as well. Whew!
BlueBella said…
Yes spiders in the bed - yeep!!!!
And using the force for fishing - hilarious!
You have quite the amazing boys, Nan. Glad you're enjoying a quiet day.
Anonymous said…
Dang, Max is brilliant at such a young age!