A song written by Sharon, Nan and our beautiful little boys while sitting in traffic at 8 am this morning. Sung to the tune of "The 12 days of Christmas". Nevermind there are only 10 days of sailing camp - we are allowed a little poetic licence!

(Won't sing the whole song, you know how it goes..will just cut to the chase!!)

On the 12th day of sailing camp we travelled very far

With twelve breakfast doubles
Eleven ends of sunblock
Ten smelly towels
Nine errands to ruuun
Eight pairs of shoes lost
Seven miles of traffic (yes we checked!!)
Six squishy sandwiches
FIIIVVVEEE FUN KY TREEEEES!! (Miranda you can thank us later!)
Four farting boys
Three Manicous
Two stressed out moms
AND a cooler full of snacks in the CAARRRRRRRRR!

Ya gotta love it!

Thanks for that Sharon, I love to cut and paste!!!


Ndinombethe said…
Oh you are just brilliant! What fun - must've been quite a noisy trip though :)

Might see ya later... gonna make pancakes with strawberries for birthday boy and guests and then see if he can agree to some sort of a plan for the day!
.....and ah baad bri-idge in ca-ro-niiiiiiiii!!!!!!

genius i am
Ash said…
Am dying over here, can't stop laughing!
Anonymous said…
That is awesome! And probably sums up your whole week!
Anonymous said…
Hi ! Samantha here, of 3limes and sailing camp fame. Mother to Esme and Clea, major oppossum fans. LOVE your blog! Funny and wise. Don't stop!

Please add my link if you can and I would appreciate any feedback...