Woe Is Me: A Slightly Complaining Post

* The desktop has crashed. O Alack and Lament! Sean has taken it to The Guy. He muttered something about photos being lost, oh gad. Cross your fingers, toes, legs and hair.

* My children have not worn underwear for one month. Should I be worried? Or shoes. I did trim Chas and Sam's fringes yesterday, though, so they can now see.

* Chas and I went to Mount Hope Hospital on Wednesday night to X-Ray his hand after a muddy soccer foul and accidental stamping incident. The staff at Couva Health Centre, where we went first, and at Mount Hope, were kind, pleasant, concerned and professional. A fracture was suspected but nothing showed up on the X-Ray, so Chas can continue sailing next week if he can use his hand. He is VERY relieved, because "I have been looking forward to this for a WHOLE YEAR!!" It's still a bit swollen and horrible-coloured, and I hope he can use it on Monday.

* I am feeling the pinch financially because no-one is buying art or expensive gifts, and I have to buy a car in ONE MONTH. The market is bad for those of us trying to sell useless pretty items.

* However, I have been painting and I like what is developing there. I will be a brilliant, poor, carless artist, and wear rags. Bah.

* I have not done any ironing in weeks, but Sean goes back to work on Sunday so I have to tackle the pile of shirts today. Ironing is very good thinking work, though, especially when you have good music on.

* I meant to mention, Chirpy disappeared. He was probably eaten by a fat hawk who has been around. So It Goes.

* I went to Couva Market with Mum this morning, and bought a huge bag of sweet potatoes, eddoes, watercress, and so on. Love the market. There were boxes of baby chicks, and a dubious fish section, and a man selling pork. Plus, hundreds and hundreds of avocadoes going cheap. (The chicks were going "cheep"!) it is avocado... or "Zaboca" as we call it... season now, and Chas and I are full of glee. We have two zaboca trees! Hee hee!

* If I could just come up with a way to "Keep" zabocas, like freezing or canning! You can mash them and add lime juice and stuff to refrigerate for a while, but it just doesn't keep for long. Anyone have a trick? Maybe I should try freezing some and see what happens...

* Do you realise what a terrible blogger I have been? What is wrong with me? I should post something every day, for my own good, but somehow it's not happening. Am I too busy? What, busier than usual? No. Am I distracted? Possibly. Do I need vitamins? Slightly stressed out? Tired? That is normal. I can't think why I haven't been able to come up with anything fun, funny or deep. I have been dwelling on the negative recently, which is a waste of time and energy, no? I don't want to write anything too negative because it's not what I need to do!

* I feel unappreciated. I also have PMS which doesn't help.

* So there you have it: A Post, for what it's worth. Tell me something funny. Leave me a comment. Send me a joke. Extra points for anyone who can come up with jokes about laundry or ironing!


Candygirlflies said…
This might seem funny to anyone who is NOT my husband:

I am not only crossing my fingers, toes, legs and hair... I am crossing my LEG HAIR that you are able to fix that computer of yours.

It sounds as though you and I are in the same boat, friend... It stinks to be us right now. You are not alone.

xoxo CGF
Nan Sheppard said…
Ah, see? I knew there was a good reason not to shave my legs. Last week, I could have crossed my leg hairs AND put little ribbons on.
Ndinombethe said…
ewh... charming image Nan! But I'm there with you - the 'other half' is in Aberdeen and there ain't no need to shave... haven't been in a bathing suit since Sam's birthday so you know what I must look like.. hee hee!

Sorry you're low! Wish I could come up with something funny but I'm all outta fun... bah!
Anonymous said…
I once bought a new iron from Costco and two years later, realized I had never used it, so I took it back for a refund. They complied.
Theresa said…
Kyah kyah kyah. Witchypoo cracks me up. You too Nan, of course.
Kelly said…
my cousin is one of 5 children and went on to have 4 of her own. her mother was THE MODEL AT-HOME-MOM. so one day when the kids were visiting grandma and she was ironing, the 5 year old asked 'what is that?' as he pointed to the iron. to which grandma replied 'it's an iron of course....wait, do you mean you have never seen one of these before???' "nope" he stated simply. needless to say, his mother recieved much buffing from her mother when the kids were returned and her reply was that she only buys clothes that don't need ironing because life was too busy and too short already =).
BlueBella said…
My sister's 3 year old daughter accidentily burned her hand quite badly when she put her hand up under the ironing board just as my sister pressed for steam . . .this just proves my theory irons are hateful creatures and should be banished to the highest shelf in the darkest closet of the house!
Hope you feel better soon!
Unknown said…
Your children are going commando? You do realize, of course, they may be making lifestyle decisions, now, that are going to affect them the rest of their lives. And, of course, you DO live in the tropics, more or less. Where, I guess, that sort of thing is probably more acceptable, if not expected.

Now that I think about it, I'm jealous.
Anonymous said…
Uf. You have your plate full of horrible things--dead chick, dead computer, honestly, blogging should be the least of your worries. We'll be here. But cyber-hugs in the meanwhile.
Anonymous said…
Poor chirpy! I am glad Chas' hand is alright. ;)