The reality of the Secondary Entrance Assessment Exam has hit is like a full bus. Making Chas sit and do hours of homework after a day of school work is torture for us both. He dawdles. He takes his pencil apart. He gets a glass of water. He eats.

Perhaps, after last night's loss of temper on MY part, followed by promises of retribution, Chas will try to focus better this evening. It is really up to him: I have provided all the tools for successful homework. Any advice? Trinis, how are you managing? And yes, I know all about the exam being so much harder these days, etc.

No, private secondary school is not an option. Yes, he has the brains to ace the test this year.

In happier news, Max is getting better every day. Yesterday he came to work with me, and lay on the floor on a yoga mat and painted pictures. Today he went to my Mum's house, where he will laze about and watch DVDs. He should be able to go back to school on Monday. He still looks weak, droopy and tired. Dark circles under eyes.

For other reasons, today is not a good day. It's overcast and threatening rain, in more ways than one...

Today Sucks.


Ndinombethe said…
Oh Nan!! You know my views on the HW. As for the rest of it, hang in there chick!

I thought I was all laid back about SEA cause he's so young I don't mind if he repeats the year BUT he minds, he wants to do well, and I refuse to stop his extra curricular so he can fit in lessons. He's 10 for Christ's sake. How much work must he do?

He has the brains and if he settles and listens he'll ace it, but he's so young I almost hope he doesn't. So torn. Will not getting his first choice affect his confidence? Grr.. stupid SEA!

Hope your day gets better. Would suggest coffee but barely holding it together here at work this week. Coffee next week?
Anonymous said…
Oh man, good luck with that education BS. I have no advice, only sympathy to offer.
Unknown said…
Nan. You need a party. lime? You need to do something to get out of this blue funk you've been in for the last few days.

How can someone living in the islands be so blue?
Nan Sheppard said…
Our lovely island has had landslides blocking roads during rush hour, I haven't slept because of my sick boy, I hate homework, business is lousy slow, and I hate rain. THAT'S HOW!
Theresa said…
Aw Nan :( I wish they would do away with that SEA bullshit. It is hard on parents, kids, teachers, siblings... and I HATE that a person's ''future'' is determined by the age of 10!

All I have is a sympathetic ear, and tea and lots of good vibes for your you and your boys
Anonymous said…
Hey Aunty Nancy,
This is Hayley Millar. I sat SEA last year and it was hard! But tell Chas that he must take it day by day and the practice tests are wayyyyyy more harder than the actual SEA. After SEA, class gets really fun!! Good Luck!
Oh, sorry you are having a sucky day.
Good luck with the exam and after-school homework sessions - not fun!
Hi Nan,
I am finally back on - I swear the country has collective PMS so don't worry, be in as much of a funk as you want! You are entitled.
SEA was a nightmare last year because you think that you have a reasonably bright child and that you are just going to go with flow. It's a big shock to the whole family. Angela Aggarat (sp) was an enormous help with math but with Hayley she was under such stress that two weeks before the exam we said that's'll repeat it's not a problem, just do this one for experience and she calmed down and got her first choice. And if they don' I told her... you have arms, legs, a brain, numerous animals and parents that think you are the sun and the moon. If you don't pass first time round...there are worse things in life.
This is the worst term....and it's over in flash and then they lime for the whole of third term.
Poor you.....Trinidad can be a very difficult place to live in sometimes.
BTW thanks for the award, I want to give you one, how do you give awards.
You would get my top Mummy one.
Anonymous said…
Holding your hand in a completely healing, non-sexual way. You are in my heart.