Cool Pumpkin Idea

I saw a really great recipe in a magazine this week. I think it was "Vegetarian Times"? They took a whole medium-sized pumpkin, and cut the top off like a lid with the stem as a handle.

According to the recipe, you scoop out the seeds, rub inside with salt and olive oil, and fill the pumpkin with your favorite stew ingredients and BAKE.

Now, I have not tried this. Yet. It is possible that if your pumpkin has a leak, crack or weak spot you will end up with a Horrible Mess in your oven. But boy, it sounds good. I love pumpkin! I am going to try putting par-cooked beef (for my carnivores) and lentils and veg into the pumpkin, with plenty of garlic and stuff, and see what happens. If the filling goes in hot, the whole thing will cook faster. I would advise resting the pumpkin IN a large roasting pan. I wonder if it would be a good idea to wrap the pumpkin in foil? The recipe seemed to assume that nothing would go wrong. I bet it would need a LONG TIME to cook, another reason to par-cook your filling first. Throw the ingredients in a crockpot for a while.

If you are having a Halloween "Do", this would look gorgeous on your table. Just imagine! Which is why I am posting it now, so that we can ruminate a bit and maybe try it out. I will experiment and let you know!

No experimenting this weekend, though. Sam and Max have a football tournament early tomorrow morning, and it looks like one of those days where we will be driving from one activity to the next. And Sunday we hope to go to Brasso Seco for a hike! It's a packed weekend. Enjoy yours!


witchypoo said…
Baking is my preferred method to cook pumpkin (no leaks!) but I hadn't thought to put other goodies in the cavity.
Theresa said…
Now im feeling for stewed pumpkin with pigeon peas.... and I dont know how to make it. boo hoo
Two cans of pigeon peas rinsed and drained(the peas, not the cans).
A pound or so of peeled and chunked pumpkin.
One whole onion chopped.
Four cloves of garlic crushed
1 tsp.Ground Geera(cumin)
About two cups of coconut milk(PLAIN WATER WILL LSO WORK BUT NOT AS CREAMY)
Salt and pepper to taste(pimentos and hot pepper)
Fresh chives or green onion or scallions chopped and/or fine leaved thyme.
Olive oil to sautee seasoning

In a medium saucepan,sautee all seasonings in a little olive oil til tender.Add peas and tumble on med heat for a few minutes.Add coconut milk,geera and pumpkin chunk. Bring to boil then simmer on low heat until pumkin is tender.
Salt and pepper to taste.

Serve hot over roasted potatees and your favorite Baked chicken or roast pork or beef with broccoli and carrots.

Eat near hammock,layzee boy or bean bag as "Ethnic Syndrome" may ensue.

Luv Seanos.
Anonymous said…
How very cool! I've never thought to do this.