Extra-Curricular Activities, Not For Wusses

There are some serious dives, skids and rolls going on at football today. Sam and Max are out there in it and I am SO HAPPY that I have had the foresight to keep a towel and extra clothes in the car.

Coach Lillywhite is bravely huddled under his enormous umbrella as the boys (oh, NO girls today, I wonder why?) push the ball through the flood and fall over accidentally-on-purpose.

They all come in to shelter and have a drink for a moment, and they are extra loud, boisterous and jubilant, covered in mud from hair to toes, mud oozing out of their boots and running down their legs.

Chas was sitting here with me, doing homework and LONGING to join in the fun. Now it's the second half and he is out there in the action, having finished his creative writing homework in record time. There should be a special extra-curricular class called "falling over in mud", and we could avoid the uniform purchases, rules and trappings of Organized Activities.

I'd pay to send MY kids.


Anonymous said…
Oh yes, MUD!!! And RUNNING! Two thing my sons love.
Unknown said…
Oh, MAN, do I remember days like that. Only for us, it was American football - but the result was the same. I remember coming home, once, so covered in everything there was at the field, that Mom wouldn't let me in the house - not even on the back porch - she stood me in the yard and washed me down with the garden hose before I could go in.