Fun Things To Do With Cheerios And Spit!

Stuck in traffic? Bored? Have a small container of Cheerios handy? Try this great creative and educational project!

Cheerios, like Lego, are perfect for little fingers to work with. And unlike Lego, they won't make you scream in pain when you step on them in the dark.

Fun for all the family! Simply use plain Cheerios, and stick them together with small amounts of spit. The Honey-Nut Cheerios, while yummy, don't stick so well... they seem to get all slimy when you lick them and that just doesn't bode well for scuplting and 3D art.

Isn't the Car Sculpture above a work of genius? It's edible, too! Whatever will they think of next?


Candygirlflies said…




xo CGF
Unknown said…
Yeah. What candygirlflies said.
Nan Sheppard said…
Hey, I met an artist once who made sculptures out of HAIR! Pleh. And what about these guys who make MEEELIONS of pounds with "Cow Pickled In Formaldehyde"? Gross art is a money maker. Just wait till "Cheerio and Spit" sculpting hits the big galleries. We'll be rich!
Theresa said…
But the Honey Nut ones taste better.