Many Photos! Few Words!

This was once a kitchen cupboard.

Lola Corrola, Max eating his Birthday Brownies Batter, and DUUUDE the kitchen! What happened?

We have been living with the kitchen spread all over the place for a week now. I finally have most of the stuff put away, and this weekend I will figure out what to do with the rest of it. The old kitchen cupboards were like the Black Hole of Calcutta, with many mysterious items getting together and getting up to no good. Like a seedy dive for small appliances.

Wooden workbenches, bits of plywood and the offsprings of the more fertile appliances still litter the house and yard, but dear readers, WE CAN SEE THE FLOOR! We can even see bits of countertop!

Our house is yellow. and if you look closely up the garden path, you can just see a flash of PINK which is Mum and Dad's house. On Mum and Dad's roof, a satellite dish on a tall pole: Our window to the outside world! We built our house out of a dismantled Cocoa-shed, and one of these days I will take some more pictures for you. Maybe even this weekend? Because it IS a really nice house, even if I do complain about it... But Gee, you guys just won't let a girl wallow in misery for long, will you? There I was, trying to have a perfectly good wallow, and my friends dragged me out of it kicking and screaming! I hereby accept all offers of coffee, hugs, chocolate, advice and really bad jokes. Thank you.

Tomorrow is Friday! The week is over! The homework wasn't so bad today! Max is so much better! Hope you have a Sparkly weekend!


Theresa said…
I will always love the Love Shack. I'm so sad that you are moving! Glad Max is better :)
Ndinombethe said…
Working from home (oxymoron I know) cause finally given in to this sore throat and headache (no sniffles or sneezes, just feeling worn out) but coffee and chocolate are always worth the trip out, so if you have time today give me a shout. Elevenses? (How the hell do you spell that?)
Anonymous said…
Moving? You're not! Are you?
BlueBella said…
I love the pictures! And a pink house for the folks - how cool.

Yes, moving . . .where to??

Glad Max is better, too!