My Amazing Gifted Genius Children

Let me tell you, it's not ALL about incredible edible sculptures around here. These guys are artist AND scientists. Chas and Sam have a new post up here , but if you're scared of snakes DON'T GO. Chas found a Tree Snake eating a frog, and shimmied up the tree with the camera to get awesome footage at close quarters.

And while I'm telling everyone how Amazing my children are, can I mention that Max went surfing on the Big Board while we were in Mayaro over the Holidays? I just found these pictures while I was tidying up my desktop:

Chas and Issa pulled him out and gave him a million instructions. Then they waited for a "medium-sized" wave and sent Max off with a push!

And with great whoops of big-brotherly joy, Max surfed some totally awesome gnarly waves, dude!

Edited: If you click on the surfing pic, you can see the serious expression on Max's face and the pride on Chas'!


Unknown said…
How very cool. Oh to be a kid in the islands.
Anonymous said…
Dude! He rips!

So cool!
Where has our Baybee boy gone?