TGIF: In Which Nan Gets A Grip.

Thanks, my friends! Nothing like a good whine and some sympathy!

Mum is getting bored and frustrated, which is a good sign. She says she has read every Asterix and Obelix comic in the house. Good thing I had returned a heap of them in The Great Cleanup Of August. They seem to make their way to our house by the dozen. We don't know what Mum has got, the few tests were done came back negative so now that she's on the mend we will just chalk it up to "Weird Tropical Ailment".

Yesterday, we heard that my car had been licensed! YAY! So I met Sean and we went into Chaguanas to do the stuff that you do when you are buying a car, and "It ent have no certified copy yet." The certified copies are all written out by hand, and that will take days. BOO! We went to get insurance and stuff anyway, and spent the morning together which was good. Maybe I will get my car on Monday? Tuesday? As long as the airconditioning at license office doesn't shut down, or the person who is supposed to receive cash isn't on maternity leave, or the ball point pen person doesn't have a strained finger.

Dad's birthday party was truly excellent as usual. Good music! Who was that other guitarist guy anyway? Was he Australian? I missed stuff, being into the food in a big way. But the food was so good!! I loved having so many little toddling nephews and nieces and cousins around, and I noticed that some genius parents brought a paddling pool. Good one! Dad got heaps of great presents, which didn't get opened till days later: VERY unusual for our family, but we did have other things to think about! They made me stand on a cooler and sing "White Rabbit" as usual. How come nobody ever gets sick of that song? And Beans, your rendition of "Oh-Oh-Oh-Only Yooouu!" will definitely go down in history. We have to learn all of the lyrics properly by Christmas! Have to!

Sharon, Miranda and Beans were wearing ALMOST exactly the same dress, and posed for a photo shoot. Luckily they all looked totally stunning. We partied till late, and didn't have much food left!

We took the boys to have their hair cut after school yesterday, chop chop! All of the long hair of summer is gone! They pasted themselves with gel this morning, cuz if it's short it's gotta be spiky. They are all happy to be back at school, and extatic to see their friends. I love that they love school. Sometimes during the holidays I think of homeschooling, because it's fun and they learn so much and I love to teach them, but then I remember that A) they love school and B) I love my work and C) if we homeschool, I would have to follow some kind of syllabus and that would suck.

So I am back to work, kinda. Hazel's brother was killed in an accident last weekend, so she will not come out till Monday. They were close, and Hazel's girls loved their uncle dearly. So I am scrubbing the studio, arguing with spiders and sending good vibes her way. Hopefully I will have everything sorted out by the time I get my car on whatever day, and we will ease into work instead of starting with our usual bang.

So that's all for now! It's the weekend! Hooray!


BlueBella said…
Sounds like a grand time at the party! Someday I will come crash one of these great Trini get togethers and see what this life is all about:) I'm sure you all will teach me dozens of things on how to party I never knew!
So sorry about Hazel's brother - good vibes to her & hugs.
Theresa said…
I can't believe you wrote this and DIDNT put up the pic with Sharon, Beans and Miranda!!! How am I supposed to know what they wore???
Anonymous said…
Glad the sun is coming out and you are getting a new start with this new season!
Unknown said…
It sounds like a great time - it's just too bad about Hazel's brother. Even in the islands ...
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