They Rocked Us Like A Hurricane

Today was yet another public holiday here in paradise. Good thing! We went to see Scorpions In Concert at the Savannah last night, with Orange Sky opening, and it was FANTASTIC! There were lots of people there! And I was out past midnight, with bits of glass getting into my sandals... and THREE stilletto heels jabbed me in my feet, remind me to wear sensible shoes next time. I had a total blast. Today I felt like Shite.

For pictures of me with beer in my hair, see Facebook. And it looks like I might have to get all friendly again, at least some of my "Friends" have informed me, because Sean is Going Away. And they say I need to be on facebook so they can keep an eye on me. What ever happened to texting, huh, ladies?

But, Babies, it's official.

My Snoogie Woogie, my Main Chef, He Who Fixes Stuff, the Light of my Eyes and Object of my Desire; is going off to fly helicopters in Mauritania. May the Camels of his Acquaintance be devoid of Fleas, may his Tent never fall over.

I usually let Sean deal with most of the International Communications in this house. But he's going to have to teach me how to Skype so that we can stay in touch. He's got Facebook, Skype and Lord knows what else. I just email, and write the occasional letter. Yes, paper and a pen. And you go to the post office. Remember? And you can stick a little something in the envelope, like a cute bookmark that says "Best Sister Ever"? How many far-off grandmothers out there email?

Anyway, the question has come up: Should we all go to Mauritania? Should the boys and I head to England? The Land of Drizzle? What about, umm, Spain? Anyone ever lived in Spain? It's warmer, see? And more Trini-ish? Good guitarists, anyway. Both Sean and I speak enough Spanish to get by. I used to speak enough French to get by too. Hmm. We speak tiny scraps of Arabic, but not enough to get by. We will learn.

It is an exciting time. The world is our oyster. We have time to think about it, Sean will go and see what Mauritania is like while the boys finish up the school year. Which only just started! So we are obviously not in a hurry.

It's all just too much for my feeble brain to think about right now, on so little sleep and a day of Happy! Hungry! Little! Boys! Playing noisy games! So goodnight, and let me know if you have friends and family in Spain...


Anonymous said…
Actually in Mauritania they speak Hassiniya, which they swear is the closest dialect to Arabic. 80% the same, they will tell you. Then you meet someone from the Middle East, who says they don't understand a word of Hassiniya! So your smidges of Arabic may not get you too far. French, though, will work, and more and more people speak English (and I'm not even taking credit for that ;)
I personally vote for Spain. And then I will "know" someone there and I will come visit you! It's not that far from here.
Ndinombethe said…
Spain Spain Spain - love it! Oh I wish I could just uproot and go somewhere... what an exciting thought!
Anonymous said…
Oh I wish for Spain if it were me!
Theresa said…
I vote for Mauritania. I think that would be ultimately the coolest thing ever. And i'm sure they speak French there. You can always visit Spain (and Estonia of course), but to live in Africa??? How COOL is that!!! Think of the un-schooling opportunities!!
Unknown said…
As I recall, there was just a military coup in Mauritania in August, which overthrew the civilian government. and they bill themselves as an Islamic Republic. Why any woman would want to live in that kind of restrictive environment is beyond me. Spain, miha, Espana. Now if I could just figure out how to do the 'N' with the 'nya' over the top, I'd have it licked.
Candygirlflies said…

can i come, too?

xoxo CGF
Candygirlflies said…
ps. added bribery: I speak skype, fluently, and am willing to tutor... Saved my brother and me while he was living abroad!!
I haven't yet left and feel homesick already.
España I like.Warm,colourful,good music, certainly better dining,beaches,bulls and boleros.
The coup was a real Mickey Mouse affair, I think they overthrew a shoe store or something like that.

Wish me luck


PS Louceel, if you're using a PC, search "Character Map" from the start menu, you can play with various fonts etc, click and select the character you want, copy it and paste it wherever you like.
have fun
Islandgirl said…
Can I vote for Freeport?? WAAHHHHH Who am I going to have tea with (or whine/wine) when the man is acting up? Hmm..on second thought maybe I could just jump on a plane and have a nice glass of red wine with you in Spain while we check out the matadors in their sexy tight pants...Spain Nan! Spain! But hell I am going to miss you guys. :-(
I'll try to pretend I'm not devastated your guys are leaving while I wish you all the best of luck. Congrats on the move Sean..may you always be able to find your tent pole..even in the dark!