Thursday Thirteen!

I know, I know, it's FRIDAY now. I had good intentions to write this yesterday but life, the universe, work, football, taekwondo, and everything got in the way! I did think about it though, in the bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic between Lady Young Flyover and Grand Bazaar.

I plagiarized the Thursday Thirteen concept from Wacky Mommy, I don't know if Wacky Mommy plagiarized it from someone else!

So without further ado, my First Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Things To Do While Stuck In Rush-Hour Traffic:

1) Eat: Hard boiled eggs, cookies, toast, bananas, yogurt, nuts etc. Occasional burgers. A small garbage bag is essential.

2) Read notices from school, fill out forms. I have a small folder in the glovebox with paper, envelopes and pen for sending in notes and cash.

3) Revise spelling, times tables, vocab.

4) Clean and file fingernails.

5) Write lists.

6) Wipe gunge from around gearstick and dashboard with baby wipes.

7) Buff nails.

8) Read. At least the boys read, and use clip-on reading lights if it's dark. I cannot read a book and drive, alas.

9) Tidy out handbag while admiring sexy buffed nails.

10) Remind everyone not to climb all over the car. "Seatbelts back on! Safety first!"

11) Endure taunts. "Oooh, yeah, we are so in danger of a high speed crash right now!" Followed by a matchbox-car mockup of just HOW a line of cars doing zero mph could have a high speed crash.

12) Threaten to confiscate matchbox cars.

13) Sing a rousing chorus of "Damn, this traffic jam" with lunchbox percussion.

14) Oh, look! It's FRIDAY FOURTEEN! So now we have Options! Yay!

Gotta get to work, thanks for your votes in the Should-We-Move-To-Spain-Or-England-Or-Mauritania Elections. So far Spain is winning, and we have been talking to people and poring over maps. Sam has informed all of his friends that he's going to move to Spain tomorrow and play for Espana with Ronaldino. Prompting panicked phone calls from Mommies.

Don't panic! The boys and I are not going anywhere for AT LEAST six months. And nothing is definite, okay? Okay. But keep sending advice.


Unknown said…
You are so much fun. Wherever you go, DO be sure to take along your laptop/blackberry/PC, etc. Because it would be dimmer out here, without your shining little light.
Anonymous said…
So many activities--I'm printing them out for future reference!
Candygirlflies said…
Saturday Sixteen:

15. Take me.

16. With you.

xo CGF
Anonymous said…
Nan, you are so funny. I did the same thing the first time I did a Thursday 13 -- I thought Miss Zoot ( invented the concept -- but it's a club kinda thing.

What do you call that, Internets?

Anyway. Site is here:

I love your list, it's funny.