Who IS That Masked Man?

Max went to bed tonight dressed in a blue metallic wig, a skeleton shirt, a Jedi Lightsaber, and a tulsie bead necklace. I told him he had to take the necklace off so he wouldn't choke so now he has lost the only peaceful part of his attire. "The sword and blue hair is great, but ditch the Hari Krishna Mala, dude."

We went to Brasso Seco again on Sunday, so here are some pictures!

The road to Brasso Seco is not for the faint of heart. With chunks of mountain falling on you from above and dizzying drops below, It's best to just not look. Certainly, most of the drivers coming towards us in the opposite direction seem to be strenuously not looking!

But it's so worth it.

Sean and I stood in the river and had a crayfish pedicure, VERY tickly! The trick is to try and stand still in the freezing water while tiny claws pick the stuff out from between your toes and under your toenails.

The boys leaped into the river. Max and Khalil waved sticks and were extremely noisy. Honestly, there was never a moment when those two weren't yelling, singing, growling, tweeting like birds, or banging on something. Kelly and I decided that there's no need to keep an eye on them... just an ear!

We picked carambola (otherwise known as "five fingers" or "star fruit") and ate ourselves silly. Then Sean made a chow when we got back and we ate more! It was a lovely day. I fell asleep on Carl and Kelly's couch, which always makes me feel like I'm missing something! But that couch, it just does me in every time! Luckily, the local coffee is really, really good.

Kelly made us pose on the new bridge for a family portrait. Good eh? We have almost no pictures of all of us together, even though one of our *ahem* family members is a *ahem* professional photographer...

Tomorrow is Eid, which is almost as good as Christmas for my boys. They will hang out with masses of cousins, aunts and uncles for the day, get presents and eat. Mmmmmm, curry everything. There will probably be a cricket match, so that boys' nice going-out pants can get grass stains! It really doesn't matter, at all, though. Tomorrow will be great, and best of all I dont have to do ANY COOKING! None! All we have to do, is arrive and hang out with some great family.

We really have a lot of public holidays, here!


Anonymous said…
Wow, I LOVE the pix, especially the one of the five of you. What a good looking family.

I want a crawfish pedicure now, and a vacation. Signed, Always Living Vicariously Through Nan
Ndinombethe said…
haha love the hint - here I'll help you - JIIIMMMBBOOOOOO PHOTOS STAT!

Great pics as always. Eid Mubarak!
Anonymous said…
You have the best holidays!
Anonymous said…
The young jedi master makes me smile! What a great outing.
karisma said…
Stunning pictures! Absolutely beautiful!

Happy Eid! (Enjoy your feasting)
Unknown said…
what a lovely family you make. Happy Eid. Eat well.
MS said…
AAAHHH- EID!!! I want curry tooooo!!! Eid Mubarak to the Khan crew :)

I love the family picture!
Hope you had a lvely Eid,
Candygirlflies said…
Nan, sweetie...

Your fam is beeee-yoooou-tiful! You must be so proud...

No need for a professional photog. This one is fantastic.

xo CGF