Yoga Poses For Kitchen Cupboard Painters

This weekend, Sean and his Dad, along with assorted other family and friends, tore out our kitchen and put it back again. It looks Beeooteeful!

I will allow you to use your imagination to picture the Hurricane-After-An-Earthquake Effect in the house. I did take some pictures, but right now I can barely sit upright, let alone get to the computer. Instead I will lie in bed and twiddle my Blackberry. I am suffering from a series of challenging Yoga poses: with names like "stretch to back of cupboard while getting paint in hair" and "cobra twist with behind pipes painting salutation". Oh, and "prone neck twist with doorsill in back and upward repeating arm asana".

Tomorrow I have an actual yoga class, so the kinks will all get yogued out.

So... New kitchen. We will have to have a party to warm it up soon! I will post some pictures soon, but not tomorrow as Mondays are crazy.

Now, should I paint the cupboard doors Cranberry red, as they were before, or turquoise or another blue which will "match" better? I haven't decided.


Unknown said…
Congrats on the new kitchen!
BlueBella said…
So glad to hear you are getting put back together again! What a stressful mess.

Can't wait to see pics of the new digs and find out what color you picked for the cabinets. I'm dying to paint mine, but there's only so many shades of tan to choose from - not nearly as fun as Caribbean colors!
Ndinombethe said…
Looking forward to seeing pics. Oh need to call you about tae kwondo. (DO it now Tash or you'll forget) That was the voice in my head. Talk soon
Unknown said…
I have heard that you Trinis will take ANY excuse to have a party. But tearing out and rebuilding a kitchen does seem a bit much. Maybe this should call for multiple paries?
Theresa said…
OOOHHH I wanna seeeee! And go for the red! My new living room is bursting with colour... and i need company to not feel like a wacko with a paint chart.
Anonymous said…
I love the idea of those bold colors. I hope you get pictures posted. Enjoy the yoga--hope you end up all aligned:)
Candygirlflies said…
Hi, sweetie!!

I vote for CHANGE!! New cupboard colours, new haircut!!

Oh, how many things I'd change in my own life, if it were only up to me...

Seize The Day!!

And then, post pictures!!

anxiously awaiting, as always,

xo CGF