Advice of the day: Never wear white pants when you're going to get dirty.

First, I put on my off-white pants. Not COMPLETELY white, but just as bad. I also put on decent shoes, a nice top and even a necklace, okay? I looked professional. Then, I kneaded home-made GREEN play-doh for a school project for Sam, ate breakfast in the car, drank coffee in the car, sharpened a pencil, walked through some mud, used a white board with blue and red markers, wrote lists with ball point pen, opened Chas' pencil case on my lap, used chalk on a blackboard, walked through some more mud, hugged a very muddy and irate Max who had been kicked in the shin at soccer practice (ON PURPOSE MUMMY!), smeared arnica cream on his shin and everywhere else, leaned on my dusty car to have a chat with another Mum, and NOW, I have a meeting at school.

If anyone says "Wow, GROOVY tie-dyed pants!" I might kick THEM in the shin. They go with the groovy necklace, though! Bonus!


Everything on Maurs is covered with a film of dust...and I mean everything, even if it's just been washed, mopped, swept or vacuumed, and yet most of the native people wear about nine yards of flowing white cotton.
Luv you my White girl
Ndinombethe said…
Didn't look grubby to me...
I haven't worn white in about, oh, 6 years ;)
karisma said…
Are you insane woman? Who says white pants and playdough in the same sentence? Really! Bad English my dear!

Now me I would not even combine white pants with Karisma, ah ah! I do not need kids to make me dirty I am quite good at it myself!

Im sure your tye died pants were a new fashion statement!
Theresa said…
I think white pants are the best way to ENSURE that you get dirty. I've stopped buying white. it just doesn't work with a baby.
Unknown said…
You obviously left your plastic wrapper at home.