Eid Mubarak

Well I am going to just roll my belly into bed in a minute, but I'll leave you with a few shots of cousins, cousins and more cousins.

As you can see, there was cricket and football. There were also several courses of amazing fooooood! We will be digesting for a week, like pythons. Grocery stores are going to be real quiet in the neighbourhood. Somehow, the adults had to digest in a semi-coma in the shade but the kids stuffed themselves and then ran about like wild things, rushing in only to grab another cup of sawaine or piece of cake!

Sean has a new laptop, which he bought so that we will be able to communicate while he is away in Mauritania. His cousin (cousins!) Wayne helped him to set it up, all day long, and tonight Sean has gone somewhere else for more programming fun. There will be NO marital communication around here till the excitement of the new communications toy wears off, is my guess!

So I will have to put my curry-filled belly to bed all by myself.


Ndinombethe said…
haha the irony of it all - communication toys monopolize all our communicating time eh?
MS said…
Doh worry, those toys lose their appeal quickly enough... especially when you ignore them :)
Anonymous said…
Your family fun WAY outdoes any ours does. Well played, Nan.
Anonymous said…
I'm assuming you've been talking with Planet Nomad about Mauritania?

A MONTH??? Don't go find yourself a boyfriend, I'm sure he'll return. But... a month? Dang.