Ghost Writers In The Sky...

Happy Halloween, or whatever you want to call it, everyone! We are not trick-or-treating this year, though we have never missed a year yet! Even when all three boys had Chickenpox, we hit the road dressed in scary long-sleeved hooded costumes and calamine lotion. Sharon and Mikey did arrive fully costumed, for a quick glass of wine, but I think Halloween was just too close to the long weekend and we are all partied out. Max even put on normal, matching cotton plaid jammies to go to bed. Not like him at all!

But this year, Sharon is not having her famous Halloween Party. And we are okay with that. The boys made a token "Awwww, but we wanna!" but not with any kind if oomph or gumption, so I know they aren't that fussed. Though Sam and Max did streak naked through the dark garden to holler "Dad says Skype him now! Urgent!" While I was attempting to have a conversation with Mum and Dad next door.

Does running naked through the bush with a torchlight, flashing your white bottom at your grandparents, count as a Halloween Trick? Please advise! Oh, and in case you were wondering, we don't expect any trick-or-treaters here. For that, we would need to go to town!

I love a good ghost story, don't you? Well, check these out! My favorite Bloggy Friends have written some REALLY good ones, and most of these stories are true.

Green Girl wrote about a Professor she once had. Eerie!

Lou has written a story, something that he excels at. This is GOOD!

Witchypoo has, of course, many great ghost stories up her sleeve, and this one will give you the CREEPS!

Angel's Mama has a true tale of Trini Obeah.

And Me! below is my spooky tale. You may never want to visit here. (Though MY house is ghost-free. It's next door where the action seems to happen!)

Go and visit those Blogs! Be very afraid! Get goosebumps! You know you wanna!

Anyone else written anything spooky? Leave a comment, so that we can come and visit. We want to read your scary stories!


Unknown said…
Thank you for the link back - I even got a comment from 'eye in the sky'. We all know who THAT is.
Anonymous said…
Heh. This Halloween I got no cute kids in costumes and had my front window egged. Want heaps of leftover candy?
Theresa said…
I had 2 trick -or- treaters! Sadly I wasn't expecting any and they had to make do with 1 pack of chocolate chip cookies between them. Next year! i'll be prepared next year!