In the Bush again

Here we are, in Brasso Seco. We may as well just move in permanently!

I was woken at whatever o'clock this morning, by a wild Chess tournament. I think I will issue a decree that no speaking, moving or playing will be allowed until the sun is VISIBLE in the sky. The tournament began last night, and I guess after the short night of sleep the competitive spirit was raring to go. Who'da thought a Chess game could be so noisy!?

So I staggered into the kitchen and pottered around with Kelly. I don't know who won in chess, the competitors have run outside to play.

I slept squeezed in between Sam and Max, and use the word "slept" very lightly. We shared a double bed. I had better have some coffee!


Anonymous said…
I'd try to sneak in a nap if I were you!
Unknown said…
Boys will limit your sleep, given half a chance. A nap is probably not a bad idea, given that law and order will probably not prevail.
Unknown said…
I just did a google search on Brasso Seco. I hope that cloud smack dab over the village isn't permanent.
Anonymous said…
Where do you stay in Brasso Seco?
We are traveling to TT in 2 weeks with a 3 year old boy and we would like to go there.
Nan Sheppard said…
Alicia, email me at and I will give you Kelly and Carl's info. They are friends, so we just shack up at their house, but there are two guest houses that I know of in Brasso Seco. They can give you the information you need, and Carl is an excellent forest guide. There is also Asa Wright Nature Centre, nearby, which is lovely too.