One o' them ramblin' posts...

I have forgotten my book, so I have nothing to read as I sit in traffic waiting to pick the boys up from school! That's good news for you, dear readers, cuz it's a good book (The Master Butcher's Singing Club) and is one reason why I've been non-blogging for the past few days.

Another reason is that I'm tired. Not the bone weariness that you get when you've got very small children, but the collapse-in-bed-at-eight-and-dont-move-till-morning tiredness that you get when you've had a really full, fun weekend without much sleep.

I went out (OUT!) with the girlz on Friday night. We giggled quite a bit, and tried to figure out whether so-and-so was wearing underwear or not, and if not, HOW DOES SHE SIT DOWN in such a very short tight skirt? (She didn't, so we never did figure it out) it was good. We all felt very glamorous, even though we had clearly not spent that much time making ourselves so.

The girls in very short skirts were probably thinking "Gawd, who are those old people with their hair all un-flatironed?"

On Saturday morning the boys and I were up early to get homework and chores done, and head to Brasso Seco. Yay Brasso Seco! We just love it there. Thanks again, Kelly and Carl, and family! Saturday night I slept squashed between children in a small bed, and no, I did not have a nap any time. It was snuggly, but not conducive to great rest.

Sunday Sam had a birthday party that he COULD NOT MISS! "HE IS MY FRIEEEEND!" so we abandoned Chas in Brasso Seco to find his own way down the road, and went. It was great too. The kids, and the grownups, had fun. I left partway through to meet Chas downtown, he had got a drop, and we eventually all got home and slept the sleep of a family who has been seriously overdoing it! The next day was Monday. We barely made it.

Wow, the traffic in Maraval sucks today. Even worse than usual, I mean. I want to live somewhere where I can get the kids to and from school without it being a WHOLE PRODUCTION! Walking distance would be nice.

Of course, if we could still have six acres of backyard, too,.....

I had better buy a lottery ticket.

Today is tea-for-twoesday, when Sharon and I collapse in heaps and drink tea and yell "If you're gonna fight, do it outside!" and "Sure you can go play with fire. Have a brownie first." We never miss a Twoesday. It is necessary.

Plus, Sharon has to fold laundry before she can sit down. It's everywhere. Yay for laundry getting folded!

So there you have it, the news till now.
Tomorrow I will be lecturing at two Servol Schools, because talking to teenage trade boys about boobs is my Thing. Then there's a meeting of the SEA class at the boys' school in the evening.

There are no naps in my near future.


Islandgirl said…
I figure if any friend is going to be stuck in town traffic for hours and then rush home just to make brownies and tea for me the LEAST I can do is fold her clothes or wash her dishes. I am trying hard not to think about the time in the (near??) future when I will be at a loss what to do on a twosday. Will we meet at our laptops and skype over a cup of tea while Nancy's pool boy hovers in the background flashing his gorgeous spanish abs?? sigh....I'm going to enjoy twosdays all I can while I can :-(
witchypoo said…
Tea for twosday sounds delightful.
Anonymous said…
Mmm. Tea and brownies sounds great. And that book is an excellent read, isn't it? Except for the tinned peaches...that turned my stomach a bit.
Good luck catching up on your sleep!