Rick Springfield is Sexier Than Ever!

I have to say that, my dear Bloggies, otherwise Sharon may never speak to me again!

The show was really good. Fortunately, I arrived AFTER Emmet had finished singing, so I can say that with no hesitation. I met Sharon in the Special Reserve section, which isn't VIP, so we were not right up at the stage.

First, Vertical Horizon played. They seemed to really enjoy themselves, and the crowd enjoyed them right back. It was such a different crowd from the Scorpions concert a few weeks ago; a much wider range of ages, many families with teens. Trinis love to be entertained, don't they?

Rick Springfield came on stage, and fell off by his second song. He then put on such a SHOW that it didn't matter, working the crowd into a frenzy! He got right into the crowd.

The bodyguard and band which backed up our Superstar was so professional, so tight. They really impressed me. No matter what Mr. Springfield did, they didn't bat an eye or miss a beat.

Sharon, who was the real reason I went to this particular concert... and the reason I am writing about it at all, was standing gobsmacked as Rick worked his way through the VIP crowd. A few years ago, we would have been over that barricade in a flash, but security gave us THE LOOK. So I patted Sharon's shoulder while she moaned that she should have left Chris at home and bought a VIP ticket.

"Rick!" cried Sharon, as the shirtless superstar made his way through the crowd, singing and showing off his hot sweaty bod, "Come over heeeeere!" And dear readers, he came! Right into our section. And Sharon stood fixed to the spot, hyperventilating. She didn't hear me telling her to go, until I whacked her on the back and pushed her in His direction, yelling GO GO GO!

She went. She got two pictures of something terribly blurry which MIGHT be Rick's armpit. And... "I TOUCHED HIM! *sigh* I will never wash my hand again!"

Okay, maybe the pictures were more than just armpit shots. It's difficult to tell. I am still in stitches, just writing about it all now! Shar, thank you for a really fun night out, it was totally great and I am so glad I was there to see your Superstar in action... And to see you swoon!

Rick, you ARE still Hot. Hotter than ever.


witchypoo said…
Dang, whaddit I miss? All I remember is Dusty Springfield.
Nan Sheppard said…
Remember "I wish that I had Jesse's Girl", and "Don't talk to Strangers"? The guy is 59 now....
Ndinombethe said…
And there I stood, on the balcony of the members' pavilion furiously scanning the crowd for a glimpse of you and Sharon. I knew, I just knew, that she would find herself in the melee when he walked into the crowd.

Great show..
Theresa said…
hahahahaha, I can just picture her being all swoony and crazy :D
Islandgirl said…
The man came all the way into the special reserve section just for MEE!!!! Ask nan!! I put up the force field so it would not rain and then WILLED him to walk half the length of the oval into my waiting arms...well...ok..I only touched his calf..but what a well toned sexy calf it was...and he stood on he chair right in front of me and sang and I got dripped on by his sweat and saw his tattoos and hot bod up close. No way the man is 59..he looks soooo damn gooooood!!! In an interview they asked him what keeps him young and he said 'vampire blood'..hell I believe it. SIGH......I am now plotting my next Rick encounter and you better believe next time I WILL be in VIP!!! Nan thanks for being a part of a night I will never forget! SIGH I am in LUVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
he does that to a girl now doesnt he? 28 days till the Rickcruise!!! Now that is gonna be insane!
Glad you guys had fun! hes a great entertainer, a nice guy and super hot for a man of ANY age!