Saturday News

It is very very early. I totally intended to sleep in, until at LEAST seven, but of course, my eyes sprang open with a *pling!* at five thirty. Don't you just hate that?

A small warm person wriggled into bed with me shortly afterward, for a quick snuggle. Max is pretty talkative at dawn, when he knows my attention is on him alone! As soon as there were big-brotherly stirrings about, he took off. I can hear the unmistakable sound of Lego being poured out and stirred around, ("Hey! I found R2 D2!") along with the "peew, peew! Kapeew!" sound of lazer guns destroying baddies.

Another sound is the A, D, F#, B of the keyboard and the tuning up of the Cuatro.

Peew! Peew! *plink*

And chickens. It's a wet, cool, drippy morning so they are making forlorn noises. This is one of the reasons wet, drippy mornings are nice! Normally, the chickens are too irritating for words.

Sean has arrived safely in Noakchott, where he says all is dust. No camels yet. He will be guest blogging here soon...

Yesterday I spent the day at the boys' school. I am a class rep and Friday is "dollar day": a snack sale to raise funds at breaktime. It's a great idea, and so much fun for the kids! I really enjoyed myself, once I had gotten over the "I should be at work" thing. After the sale, I went and hung out in the library and put books away. Max's class came in and I got to borrow four books! Two other mommies read stories, and then the other class came in with their two mommies. It was fun!

This morning, Mum and I are going to brave the rain and head to the Market in Couva. I need veg and fruit and ground provisions! And plenty of callalloo.

Tonight, there is another concert in town: Rick Springfield, REO Speedwagon, Vertical Horizon and whoever else. I was not planning on going, but Sharon has been in love with Rick Springfield since she was fourteen. She's got the diaries and scrapbooks to prove it! Her Facebook profile pic this week is of her and Rick together, surrounded by hearts!

So I am going to the concert, to look at Sharon. I will catch her if she swoons. She showed me dozens of pictures and videos of Rick online, to prove that he is still Hot- no, even hotter than ever! He is, too. Chris is chaperoning us. Poor Chris.

There’s also a Rugby Match, TT vs Brazil World Cup Qualifier. Max has a birthday party to attend. Plenty of homework, cooking and baking for the week, and the very important having of naps. Will naps happen? Stay tuned!


Anonymous said…
Ah yes, Nouakchott is dust. But no camels? They are slightly seasonal.
witchypoo said…
My eyes don't go pling at that hour. That would be my bladder.
Ndinombethe said…
I don't see any naps in my crystal ball. I would love one before tonight. Will have to look out for you at the concert. Yay!

Your posts about the boys playing together in the morning make my gut wrench for my only child. Alas, can't do anything about it eh?!
Anonymous said…
Go to the show, you'll have a gret time. Both Rick and REO can still bring it! Rick is VERY high energy and may come out into the crowd if he thinks its safe enough.
Unknown said…
Sounds like a busy weekend. And I'd like to borrow your eyeballs sometime. Mine don't pop open at 5:30 EVER. My children usually have to pry them open for me.
I went into the desert and saw the camels yesterday, they are smelly
karisma said…
Oh I win, I slept in till 8am. Only because I had not slept much though! LOL.
Unknown said…
Well, the eye in de sky found out camels are smelly - and watch out - they spit, too.

And TT went nil/nil in the rugby match. Well done.

And would you mind telling this poor and uneducated soul what the heck callalloo is? please?
Theresa said…
I had a nap today!!! WHOO HOOOOOOO... from 2:30 until 4 pm. AMAZING!!!