Christmas, Step 1

Our Christmas tree is UP! Yay! It is totally beautiful, in a mismatched, shabby-chic kinda way. Now explain to me WHY it is that You can never get TWO MORE STRINGS of lights THAT MATCH the ones you already have? New rule: It's okay if the top and bottom halves of your tree are lit differently.

The cats are plotting mass destruction, I just know it. But it's just gorgeous. I would totally climb it and nestle in it's branches if I could, too. Now, go and lie under your tree and listen to the music for today on I Can Fly, Just Not Up, and think happy thoughts.


My top half is red and the bottom half is orange. New trend!
And the cat and dog are now playing hide and seek under the tree. So it's only a matter of time.
Isn't it lovely to feel Christmas-sy?
Theresa said…
I put up mine too!! Im all Joyeux Noel nice and early this year :)
karisma said…
I refuse to even pull ours down from the roof until December! The kids are anticipating the day!

So where is the picture???? I would like to see the mismatched tree in action! I always let the kids go for it down here! Its their tree, their right to have it how they like!
Nan Sheppard said…
Pictures coming soon!
Anonymous said…
who knew??? thanks for the permission to experiment.
Anonymous said…
We have the same rule here--our lights don't match up either. Ah well.

Our cat has never gone up our tree. I wonder why.