For SHAME, Tooth Fairy! (Edited!)

Dear Sir,

Last night was the second night that Sam's tooth lay forgotten, by you, under his pillow. The tooth is a first molar, in excellent condition. It is housed in an envelope of such extraordinary creativeness that you can't possibly miss it. Plus, it says "Tooth In Here", in big letters.

Sir, we understand that you are very busy. We realise that you cannot always get to our house, far from town as it is, as quickly as you should. But leaving my Darling Sam penniless for yet another day is hard, Tooth Fairy. Very hard. Your neglect of this boy's lovingly polished and dried tooth (and it IS a beautiful tooth!) has caused such distress. Your very existence has been questioned, by both Sam and Max.

Max has a very loose tooth now too, and the suspense!! For if you don't come tonight for Sam's tooth, if you don't leave him a crisp twenty, then Max may look to other markets for his soon-to-fall-out front tooth.

Tooth Fairy, I trust that our long-standing business arrangement is as valuable to you as it has hitherto been to us. Kindly give this situation your immediate attention. We anticipate your arrival tonight.

Thank you, Sir, for your valuable business in the past, and your timely attention to this matter.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs. Mama.

(Edited: Yes, folks, the Tooth Fairy has been. All is well. for more Tooth Fairy action, see here, or search "tooth" up there in the search thingy. Our Tooth Fairy has had many adventures!)


witchypoo said…
How could the tooth fairy miss such a lovingly prepared offering?
Perhaps she got tangled in dental floss?
Ndinombethe said…
hahaha Witchypoo - perhaps she got tangled in dental floss indeed.

Nan, might I suggest the alarm/focused energy/fairy summoning method:

1. Set an alarm.
2. When said alarm rings tonight it will remind you to SPEND AN EXTRA TEN MINUTES DEVOTED TO THE SUMMONING of said absent minded tooth fairy.
3. The summoning can take any form you choose. It is in fact best performed after the boys have gone to bed as the chanting, mumbling, speaking in tongues or quiet meditation (depending on your preference for summoning of fairies) might take them by surprise.

Chas, Sam and Max, I have used this technique before and it's all about the timing. Hence, Nan the need for the alarm.

At the pre-determined witching hour, focus your energy on the tooth fairy willing her/him (don't want to be presumptuous about the sex of the tooth fairy - when I was a child mine was always a girl) to come.

Sam's a shoe-in for a crisp 'twenny' tonight!

And last but not least - oh for SHAME tooth fairy!
Anonymous said…
Oh the shame! I've done that myself. Good luck fixing the tooth debacle!
Nan Sheppard said…
Thanks, Tash, that sounds like excellent advice! Preparing Alarm and Chant now. (Om Sri Toothfairyaah Namaah!)

Witchypoo, we will look for potential Fairy-Traps, Dental floss or otherwise!

Greengirl, this happens to us all the time. Sloppy workmanship on the toothfairy's part!
Theresa said…
20??? Dollars???

Wow inflation!! I used to get 25... CENTS!!
Unknown said…
You started you missive to the Tooth Fairy with "Dear Sir?"

You mean to tell me that the T.F. is a gay guy?
Nan Sheppard said…
Alright folks, breaking news: THE TWENNY IS UNDER THE PILLOW!

Theresa, what can a kid buy for 25cents these days? Not even a Diana Jub-jub! Not even a KC butternutty butternut! Things are bad!

Anyway, although he is expensive, the tooth fairy came. Breathe sighs of relief!
Nan Sheppard said…
But then Lou, would that make the Easter Bunny a scantily clad lass with floppy ears?
Unknown said…
Now THAT'S my kinda Easter Bunny!!
Anonymous said…
I think the poor tooth fairy got caught up after a hockey game broke out somewhere in Canada.