Not Tea-For-Tuesday

So Sharon is relaxing on a yacht in Tobago, and had the nerve to call me up this morning and tell me what luverly weather, dahling, they are having. "Hold on... Oh, tea please."

So who am *I* to have tea with this afternoon? Hmmm?

It's probably just as well, cuz I woke up with a sore throat, and now I have a stuffy head.

Then I tried to use my debit card and it said "No, you have $0.00 remaining." Now, I know for a fact that I have LESS than $0, so I realised that the bank machine just isn't working. (it should have given me money anyway!)

So I tried to get cash with my Credit Card, and the machine whisked it away! "Card detained for your protection!" Huh??

Well I never. I called the bank, and they appear to be having a crisis. I have to get a NEW card! Which will take a week of course. And I just paid it off! Well damn!

So I went to work, for a couple of hours, because the beautiful and talented Hazel was to come and work today. I organized some stuff for her to do, WITH a headache, and then she called and said she wouldn't make it today. Tomorrow would be better. So I went to work for nuthin.

So. Thinking that my morning HAD to improve, I tried to use my phone again and it refused to call anyone. Weird. I thought maybe I had to pay my bill?

So I went to the Expensive Mall to collect a cheque, (I always feel smug going to that mall and coming out richer) and I thought I would pay my phone bill there too.

No cheque. Come back tomorrow. And? The phone company says I don't owe them any money but their system was down this morning.

So I went to the mall for nuthin.

I should have stayed in bed, y'all! And no tea later! It's gonna be scrambled eggs for dinner, tonight. I am not in the mood to COOK when I get home. What I need is a nap, or something.

And I just remembered that I'm in the middle of laundry (aren't we always?) and the whole kitchen table is covered in heaps of folded clothes. With more to come. Darnit, no nap again. I'll go to bed early, 'kay?

On the Homework Front, Chas seems to be getting a grip. Time will tell. He did really well in his vocab test on Monday. How well he does seems to depend entirely on his attitude. He'll get 99% this week, and 14% the week before, and 76% next week. Anyway, we'll see if we can keep the nose to the grindstone.

And in other news, my grandmother Margo is here from England! YAY! She decided to come and visit, like 93-year-olds do. Margo recently moved to a new flat, (for retired persons, if you please) and had a great time redecorating. I guess now that she's finished redecorating she has been bored? And figured a jaunt to warmer climes would be good? It is SO good to see her. I am taking her shopping tomorrow. Or she is taking me. We will have coffee in some café and talk politics and style. I bet I am the only person alive who gets great hand-me-downs from my grandmother! "I don't think this is really ME" she says. 93 years old. Lawd.

So tomorrow is going to be a great day! We'll pretend this morning just didn't happen, okay?


There's a prezzie waiting for you to collect at the freight forwarders, I'll give you a rhymes with "laptop"!
Hope this improves your day!
Nan Sheppard said…
Day improving rapidly!
Anonymous said…
Enjoy that Grandma! She sounds fantastic.
Ndinombethe said…
It rhymes with laptop?? Hmmm...

Sounds like a rubbish morning, followed by an afternoon of driving up and down Robert St instead of Warren St - sorry!

Enjoy tomorrow!
You HAVE to bevome a children's writer is coming down on Thursday. The details are posted on my Facebook page.
Please try and go! You should be writing,
Okay that was garbled! In my excitement, I forgot to say that the Macmillan agent for junior fiction is coming.
I'll be away but please try and go!!!
Anonymous said…
Even a difficult day is remarkable with you. And then you have the deliscious rhyming husband.
Islandgirl said…
If it is any consolation I sat on the bow of the boat with a cup of tea and missed my tea for two buddy immensely. I kept saying..Nan would love it here. Looking forward to our tea date next week if I can tear you away from the husband...or the laptop! :-)