Some Food For Thought

Sooo, Bloggy Buddies.

I went to the British Embassy, and waved my "Certificate Of Registration As A Citizen Of Great Britain And Colonies", an olde embossed document with my name on it. They said that Sam and Max can become British Citizens for life if they live in England for a certain amount of time. Chas is already a proper citizen, as he was born there.

I didn't say "How about them becoming British Citizens without living in England? Cuz we'd rather live in Sunny Spain mate, wot?" as I thought that wouldn't go down too well.

So, England, here we come! I will need a whole new wardrobe, to ward off ye jolly summer chills. Fortunately, my sister Ailis is a London shopping phenomenon. And Beans, WHERE did you get those marvellous boots? I will want some.

I think that Bournemouth or thereabouts will be good for us, as I have a girlfriend or two there with kids who I love. They meet up at the beach and have tea while their kids bury themselves in the sand, and that's a lifestyle I can deal with.

It turns out that the job I have been volunteering at, Breastfeeding counseling to disadvantaged teens and lecturing, can get me a good salary, too! Do something I love AND be paid by the government? It's looking good.

I am off to search the web for more info.

Cheerio, luvs!


Ndinombethe said…
Ooh things are falling in to place - yay!

Have to admit this is all very bitter sweet... but so thrilled for you!

See you tomorrow perhaps
Anonymous said…
Great! Although I have to admit sunny Spain is awfully nice (and also I'd be more likely to pop in for a visit), I know how good it feels to have plans falling into place.
but we have to wait till at least the end of March to ensure that my Job is secure and we'll be able to pay for those boots!
Anonymous said…
wow, WOW!!! cool! I live vicariously through the Bloggers.