Thursday Thirteen!

1* I love T13! I would have nothing to say today if not for T13.

2* I feel much better, but my head is still full of glue which tries to come out all of a sudden when I least expect it. And I feel tired, but that's to be expected from burning the candle at both ends and doing it all while sick.

3* Now Sean is getting the same flu.

4* We are supposed to go Down De Islands, which I am not organized for, AND I am taking part in a craft sale on Saturday. GREAT planning, there! I will just have to abandon my family on Saturday morning for a while, is all.

5* Only FIVE? Eight more to go? Hmmmm. On Tuesday, a chicken got into the house, maybe a door was left open? And knocked stuff off of shelves and crapped everywhere. She knocked the big container of brown sugar down, and it burst open and then she had fun scratching and pecking it all over the house. Chas, bless him, swept most of it up, and I had fun mopping. And nary an egg in sight. Useless animals.

6* I should have had plenty more work done by now, one month before Christmas, but I've been a busy wife and mother.

7* Christmas is in 33 DAYS, folks!

8* Feeling a little overwhelmed here.

9* My radio at work is on the blink. It won't play CDs, and is stuck on one lame radio station.

10* Down De Islands is going to be really great, even if I do have to skip out on Saturday. Saturday will be fun, too, and I will make some MONEY! And go SHOPPING next week! I usually start getting stocking stuffers and Santa stuff in September, but I am totally disorganised this year, did I mention? So next week, if all goes well, I will begin to feel Christmassy.

11* And we will put up the tree! With a train track going 'round, and O Sprawling Metropolis Of Bethlehem! And we'll play carols and parang, and lie on the floor looking at our beautiful tree, and make fudge and eat ham sandwiches.

12* Hopefully Lulu will not climb the tree this year. Tip: Witchypoo advised me to spray citrus smelly stuff on the tree last year to keep the cats out, and it worked! Must get citrus smelly stuff. The first year we had Lulu, we nearly changed her name to "Angel" because of all the time she spent clinging to the very top of the tree, yowling. Scattering glass decorations hither and yon.

13* Well, see, I didn't realise how harassed I sounded till I wrote all that down. How therapeutic is that? Okay, I know I'm not the only one who has too much to do and too little time. How are your Christmas preparations going? Will you be baking? Crafting? What's your favorite part? When will you start to feel jolly? Tell all!


Ndinombethe said…
I'll start to feel jolly when I step out of the airport in NYC in two weeks - nothing like cold crisp air and a scarf to remind you it's Christmas time again!!!

Enjoy the islands!
Theresa said…
I am soo putting up my tree early this year. Too bad for these grinch-like estonians who briefly acknowledge Christmas day, but who don't celebrate the season. Did you mail my CD yet??????
Anonymous said…
Refusing, denying, naysaying said holiday for one more week. But I'm glad you're in the spirit:)
Unknown said…
Preparations? What preparations? WHEN is Christmas? Long way off, right?
Anonymous said…

ps i love #5.
Islandgirl said…
I am hoping Rory and Bunty's parang party does the trick to get me in the christmas mood...if not I am moving to Estonia!