13 Things I Should Have Blogged About This Week

1)The Savonetta School Pantomime. I meant to say "Go see this! It's at Naparima Bowl! Take the kids!" But it's too late now, it's OVER. Go see it next year. It's the best school show ever. Well written by Ruth St Louis, well performed, well produced. Hilarious! Gripping! Extra applause to Mikey, the Rasta Rat of Hamelyn.

2)Sean reversed his truck into Lola Corrola earlier this week. I shrieked "SSSTOOOOOPPPPPPPP!" at the top of my lungs, and Lola only got a small scratch on her cute bumper. She is undergoing psychological therapy.

3)Sean has tonight arrived safely in Mauritania, and is flying first thing in the morning. Straight to work!

4)Lola Corrola was the disgustingly dirtiest car in the world until this afternoon. Knee deep in socks, shoes, water bottles, and garbage. Now she is tidy and clean, and feels appreciated. The boys and I drank sorrel as a reward for cleaning the car.

5)The boys were bickering this evening, tired and grouchy. I put them to bed early, and now they hate me for ever. How will I ever live with myself?

6)If we lived in a nudist colony, we would have a lot less laundry. Do nudist colonies have schools?

7)Whatever are we going to do with all of these books when we leave?

8)I just found out that Sam's IQ is over 150. How much over? We dunno. Good thing we are going to England for some education, Methinks.

9)I did some yoga at work this morning, ten points for exercising! Tomorrow I will be at school for the dress rehearsal. Armed with safety pins, needle and thread, etc. The little kids always make me cry when they perform. Always! Last night at the Savonetta Panto, the little kids sang "A, You're Adorable; B, You're so Beautiful" and I shed tears at their sweetness. Tomorrow I will weep at the dress rehearsal at school, and then on the Concert night I will cry all over again, even though I have seen it before. What IS that?

10)Chas and I cry for sappy Disney movies too. We'll be okay, and then the Lady and the Tramp run into each others' arms and he will sniff and I will sniff and before you know it, Sean and Sam are looking at us going "What's with you?" And then Max starts up.

11)When we watched "The March of the Penguins", we were fine until near the end when the narrator says that the penguins and their babies will probably never see one another again. Max climbed into my lap and wept, which set us all off. We are such wusses!

12)Tomorrow is Friday!!! And on Saturday is my Niece's birthday party! She is a princess. I bought her a purple feather boa with sparkly bits. I am taking makeup and doing a "Beauty Parlour" for her and her little friends. My chance to do girly stuff!

13)Sunday, Chas is performing somewhere or other with the choir. There seems to be something going on EVERY SINGLE DAY till around February.

I smell like a camel, so into the shower I go.


Theresa said…
I have missed every single one of Banana's birthdays :( Sappyt movies make me cry too, and sappy ads... even more since I had the baby. Must be the hormones.
Every time I smell a camel, I'll think of you!
Of course our son's a genius,he's got my brains and all your good looks, fortunately I still have my looks!!
Miss u already even though you're smelly
Anonymous said…
You are a musical gang, aren't you? I too got choked up at the end of March of the Penguins. And wish my kids were nudists--or something close.
Unknown said…
Oh, good job. Start me off thinking about nudists!! You know, I don't need any help - as SWMBO will be glad to tell you. Anyway - I plan on middle to late January for the trip.
Nan Sheppard said…
Ah, Sean, talk camel to me baby!

Maybe we should lobby for nudity in schools, at least, for the good of the planet and all.