2008: It's So Over, Dude!

It was a good year here. I cannot complain. Sam and I did our excellent trip to Atlanta and England in May, which I THINK was the highlight of my year. No doubt when I hit "Publish" I will think of another one, but gosh it was a good three weeks for me. The best in years.

The only low point of 2008 I can think of is how lousy business has been the past half-year. For everyone! I make and sell hand-painted fired tiles, and the expensive gift market is one of the worst to be in. I have had a really successful stretch but now it's time to grow in other directions. I am wrapping it up, and closing down in February. I will say goodbye to the Beautiful and Talented Hazel my assistant, and the Mostly Reliable Mr. Davis my framing guy, and the Dragon Landlady who doesn't like that my Studio Door is pink, and the fun of walking out of the mall richer than I walked in.

My birthday in March was sweet too. My uncle and I share a birthday, and we decided to go as far away from civillization as possible but the people who loved us still came! We had a gorgeous weekend in the bush, surrounded by happiness.

I am so lucky with my friends. I think this is the year of being thankful for my friends. They come when I call. They drive for miles to visit me. We have fun together in all kinds of places, doesn't matter where. We laugh and cry together, and will help each other in need. It is so good to have people who you can call and say "I have done something stupid and need rescuing" and they will come and love you anyway. I don't know how to thank my friends enough. I love you.

And now I can honestly add many bloggy friends too! You are my grown-up conversation on lonely evenings, my advice givers on mad days. You have the recipes, the funny, and you are JUST AS DUMB AS ME SOMETIMES! I wish I had known you all ten years ago, I really really do.

Next year, we are migrating. I will leave some of my dear friends far away, and be closer to some other friends. It's an adventure into pretty unknown territory. But look! I can take my bloggy friends with me! You will help me, you will tell me to get off my butt when the English weather makes me blue (take notes now!), you will cheer me on when I get a new job, you will tell me I am a genius and they are not worthy when I don't, you will totally laugh at me when I do dumb things, you will tell your English friends to come and visit me (huh? huh?), and you will entertain me with your funny and your real on my lonely drippy Bournemouth evenings.

Here's to 2009! The year of great positive changes, growth and learning! May 2009 bring these and many other good and positive things to you and yours.


Candygirlflies said…
Here's to 2009! (Raises LARGE GLASS and downs it)

And here's to YOU, dear Nan... Best wishes and prosperity and love to you and yours.

Looking forward to "moving on" with you.

xoxoxo CGF
Anonymous said…
You rock! Thank you for this! You will have a beautiful year!
Anonymous said…
Here's to a great 2009--with your optimism and never say die attitude, England should be a little nervous. I'm just sayin'.
witchypoo said…
I am sorry to have been such a bad bloggy friend of late. My computer time has been of the desktop variety, and I can't stay on too many hours as my back hollers at me.
This morning, I read a nice man from Trinidad, and I bandied about the phrase "Down de Islands". He was amazed until I told him about my bloggy friend. Heh. Here is hoping that 2009 brings even more joy!
Anonymous said…
Here's to you, Nan, and that incredible family of yours.
Nan Sheppard said…
Thank you my friends! We WERE Down De Islands last night, it was so lovely. I kept saying "I love it here. I love you guys. I am so happy to be here with you!" Till my friends got quite sick of me.

And yeah, England had better brace itself....
ewe are here said…
The UK weather was a tough adjustment, but we can all commiserate online! ;-)

Happy New Year... may your relocation go smoothly.
Anonymous said…
Happy New Year!

And here's to new adventures!
Unknown said…
Yay for 2009!

I'm so sorry to hear you are closing your business. That had to be a tough decision!
i am the diva said…
here's to change.

may it be good to you and yours.
Unknown said…
I am so glad I will get to see you and the Hubs before you move to England. And, given that England is one of my favorite other places to go, who knows, I might catch up with you there, one day. Three weeks from today I will land in Trinidad. I'll be looking for you.