Crash Test Dummies

Chas just went speeding out of the house wearing full protective gear. Helmet, pads, etc. I asked "Whatcha doin'?" And he replied that they were "Doing crash tests."

So, do I say "Okay", or should I pretend I didn't hear, or what? I gotta stop asking the boys what they are up to.


Scary Mommy said…
LOL! Better not to know sometimes!
Hope they weren't using your car!
Nan Sheppard said…
No dear, yours!!! Har har!
witchypoo said…
Be thankful you didn't find them hitting themselves in the head with a hammer "Because it feels so good when it stops."
Candygirlflies said…

At least they're playing SAFE.


xoxo CGF
Nan Sheppard said…
Yes, hooray for helmets!