Garlic Pork Recipe, From Eye In De Sky

Yes folks, Sean is back in the desert and writing. Good thing, too, because I am covered in paint and have assorted boys running in and out having a Lego battle with full sound effects. "I'M GOING DOWN!!! AAAAAAARGH!" "COME IN R2D2!"

More assorted boys will be arriving later on. I will ignore them and feed them split peas soup.

So without further ado, put your hands together for Eye in de Desert Sky!



Garlic pork recipe for one Big Jar: You will need 5-6 lbs of pork belly and ribs cut into 2 inch cubes,washed with water and properly drained(in a colander)

1 lb of garlic, peeled (about ten heads)

1 litre of apple cider vinegar and 1 litre of white vinegar

at least a cup of fine leafed thyme (fresh oregano might work too)

about 4 hot peppers quartered

nuff salt

1 big jar (like a big crix jar or a really big mayonaise jar) washed in super boiling hot water and dried.

After the pork has been drained of as much water as you can get out, wash again in the white vinegar and drain(water makes the stuff rot quicker), blend up your garlic in a blender with the apple cider vinegar, add nuff salt to the mixture...enough to balance the garlic vinegar mix. Drop in the fine leaf thyme. Load the bottle with the pork cubes and peppers in alternating layers and fill er up with the garlic vinegar salt mix.

Use a clean wooden or plastic spoon to chook down the mixture to remove bubbles.Put cling wrap over the mouth of the bottle and screw on the lid.

Do not rub your eyes, and avoid heavy petting for a few hours...painful..pepper, garlic, get it!

Soak a least overnight but not more than about 4 days (it gets too vinegary). The pork can then be fried, baked or stewed...

Here's a stew recipe...Cook like stew anyting ( hot oil in pot, brown sugar melt, add pork...Chiaoww.....ventilate kitchen....burning of noses and eyeses and throatses) adding sauce from bottle sparingly, the sauce has a magic moment (after about ten to fifteen minutes) when it suddenly goes transparent, it pretty much done at this stage but you can cook further until the sauce reduces if you like. Turn off fire and add about 3 glugs of Harveys bristol cream (sherry). try not to burn your tongue (cool with sherry if necessary). Eat with hops bread or fingers.

Do not wash pot, fry next batch without the browning of sugar etc., tastes best on third day.

So there.

Updated: See here for this recipe WITH PICTURES!


Folks, if you have any questions just ask in comments. If you need fresh pork, Delises is slaughtering two organic delicious melt-in-your-mouth pigs this week.


Theresa said…
Pigs can be organic??