Archery Boys

Have you digested your Christmas Day goodies yet? Or are you still topping up, like me? A piece of ham here, seven pounds of fudge there? Still playing Christmas Carols? I am. Not tired of them yet!

We had "The Best Christmas Ever", according to the boys. As usual! Santa brought Chas a deadly weapon which we all had to try out first thing; The First Annual Chickland Christmas Day Archery Competition! Sam got a gorgeous guitar, and Max a big-boy fishing rod and tackle kit. Sam and Max also got deadly penknives, so that Max will stop borrowing Chas' even more deadly one. See any trend here? Don't mess with us, people, our arsenal is extensive.

There is much Lego underfoot still, and there are books and manuals to read and games to play. Boxing day we went and stuffed ourselves on curry in Gran Couva with the Khan cousins. Yesterday we went Down de Islands and Max fished all day. Today, there is extensive tidying-up and putting-away to do, plus a wild coffee tree to cut down.

And playing. New computer games to install. Probably visitors will come over. Come on visitors! We need help to eat all of this chocolate!


I am Le Tired and I need lots of TLC
Clean the house and send the kids off to their grandparents so that I can unwrap my christmas present all day long
Honey I'm coming home!
Anonymous said…
Guitars and legos seem to be popular this year! Glad you all had a wonderful Christmas.
Candygirlflies said…
I'm coming straight over.

xoxoxo CGF
BlueBella said…
I need you to teach me the art of fudge making! Mine turned out good and bad . . .one batch great the other a flop . .. what gives oh great fudge diva?
Unknown said…
You know, whomever it was that took that last picture is really standing on the wrong side of that bow. Why, oh why, would someone stand IN FRONT of a child with a drawn arrow in a bow? That is just ASKING for trouble.
Nan Sheppard said…
Dangerous, really??