Princesses and Pirates

My niece's birthday party was this afternoon. A whole bunch of small girls dressed as princesses were invited and guess what? I got to do makeup! I took my big trusty box of face paints and stage makeup, along with specially purchased eyeshadow in every colour, and set myself up as a "Beauty Salon" complete with nail polish. And star glitter. *sigh!*

The boys all wanted to be death ghouls or pirate skeletons or something, but fortunately there weren't that many of them. It was totally about me, it was.

Me and my Beauty Salon.

Little girls fascinate me. Some of my tiny customers today were so versed in colour-coordinating their eyeshadow with their princess dresses, ("Green here and purple here, Auntie") and sat very still with their hands on my knees, eyes closed for application, while their nails dried. Others were clearly not used to the idea of beautification, but were fascinated and kept wriggling to look in the mirror. I definitely got my fill of femininity today. I will admit that little girls are different from little boys. In some ways.

Some experts will say that boys are uncommunicative and unaffectionate. Unemotional. A lot of uns. I don't know about that. I think that you can get plenty of emotional, empathetic love from a boy.

Last night, Chas was having a crisis: Overtired, overexcited and pre-holiday. I offered him a sleep in my bed for the night and he hopped in, poured his heart out, had a cry and fell asleep like a baby, curled up with his mama and having his head stroked. Today he was revived, loving and helpful. Huggy and sweet. He is so tall now, so confident and smart and talented and useful, that I can forget he is a little boy still, needing regular snuggles and kisses and appreciation. Hey, I could use that myself, and I'm all grown up!

They can be so thoughtful. At breakfast this morning, Sam and Max set the table with flowers and candles. "Wait! No-one start till we are all sitting! Wait for Mummy!" We had a proper restaurant-type breakfast of eggs and pancakes, good table manners and chitchat. Often, the boys shovel their food down and are finished before I sit. It's always nice to be waited for, even if I do have to hop up again a few times!

My boys are huggable, caring, and sweet. They don't mind showing their love, and understand the importance of manners and empathy. I am so proud of them, and watching them today having fun, enjoying helping and playing and pulling little ones in the wagon and picking up little fallen princesses was a treat.

Girls are nice. They seem softer, smell sweeter, and are pretty. They have hair that can be braided, and wear ballet slippers and tiaras with sparkles. Maybe one day I will have a granddaughter. Or a daughter-in-law who loves me. But for now, I feel blessed and fortunate to have three boys. Even if they do want to look like ghouls!


The boys are the princes that they are today because their mother is the Queen.

Chas was cranky again? Keep him off the sauce!
Theresa said…
You know Nan, I was thinking about how your boys are just a few nights ago. When we were DDI, I noticed how sweet, gentle and affectionate they were with Zara, especially Sam and Chas. And listening to Chas tell me about responding to her when she cries, and making sure I pay her a lot of attention so that she doesn't grow up always seeking attention. I couldn't help but think about what a big impact the way you treat them has had on how they treat others. Your boys are empathetic, and kind, and sweet, because this is what they know. But they're not sissies. Sean took care of that part ;-) hehehehe
Anonymous said…
I love 'em all, boys and girls alike. OK, back to Close Encounters, it's on AMC. I forgot how great the ending is!!! My boy and girl are transfixed by it.
Green Girl said…
Ah, that is sweet. I also plan to get my girl-fix when I have granddaughters. I will buy mountains of ruffly pink things and enjoy the dolls and tea sets. It will make up for all the blood and gore associated with boy-folk.
Anonymous said…
I have both and I like both. But my boys are affectionate and cuddly and often thoughtful and empathetic. My girl can be, too, but she's also got a very sarcastic tongue on her! They are different, but those differences can be hard to quantify.