Smoking Gun Obama... Gotta Love That Guy

How do you like that for a cliche?

The President Elect of the Known Universe smokes cigarettes. And people think he should stop right this minute. ARE THEY OUT OF THEIR FUCKING MINDS????? Have they ever had to live with a nicotine addict? Even assuming that he is usually a nice, mild-mannered man, do we really want to have him making major decisions with withdrawal symptoms running amok?

Dudes, it's just a cigarette. Yes, that's what I said: JUST A CIGARETTE.

Perhaps the young and impressionable people of the Known Universe would be better educated to know that the President Elect wishes he had never started smoking, than that he could just stop. No big deal.

Now, don't y'all agree with me cuz you love me. What do you think?


Anonymous said…
From what I hear, it's even "an occasional cigarette." As a nonsmoker I'm even okay with that.
Anonymous said…
bill had his cigar smoked in the whitehouse and everyone still loves him! :P
love beans
Does he smoke in the public arena?Like in meetings and interviews?
or when he visits schools and hospitals?
Oh that's right , cos smoking isn't allowed in public that means he must smoke in privacy....yeah privacy, like when he does his wife...oh yeah, he has sex too, maybe he even swears!
Grow up dimwits, half of you are fat because you eat shit and don't exercise and you're gonna put a burden on the health system, and most of you drink alcohol which is much more destructive than say....marijuana...which he inhaled well.....frequently.
Maybe you would prefer a non-smoking liar and thief instead of a real person?
Jimmy Swaggart for president! and he's non-black too!
Nan Sheppard said…
Ahh, politics. I had forgotten how riled up we get! Yup, the PrezElect is a real person. He inhales. He exhales. He undoubtedly has sex.
Unknown said…
I used to smoke. And I quit. Cold turkey and it was NOT easy. I have no problem with him smoking an occasional cigarette. And Sean? Jeez man, lighten up!
BlueBella said…
We forget not 25 years ago people were smoking EVERYWHERE . .. in the workplace and everything . . .undoubtedly in the White House, too.

But "we" elected him, and if it was such a horrible problem then he shouldn't have been elected.

If people choose to smoke it's their own problem. But I find it absolutely disgusting. And I smoked for awhile, too.
Anonymous said…
I think Americans are really uptight and Puritanical, especially, it seems, amongst the more liberal set. Go figure. I don't care if he smokes. I really don't. Such a non-issue.
Theresa said…
*puff puff pass*
Islandgirl said…
you think he is allowed to fart?
witchypoo said…
I think he can blow smoke out his arse, because he offered to show me the nicotine stains on his drawahs.
Nan Sheppard said…
AAAAND Witchypoo wins Comment Of The Day! With special mention going to Theresa for the Clinton jab...