Why Everyone Should Have Some Little Boys And A Dog

So the Lego. You know, many many tiny sharp bits. The favorite toy of all time. They have SMALLER PIECES THAN EVER this year, actual toenails (yellow) on an exo-thingy deadly lego robot whatsit. Good thing I can go through my vacuum cleaner stuff before I dump it, lucky me.

Anyway, the other topic of this post is boots. Muddy boots covered in dried mud. Last weeks' mud. And Sam, Issa and Max put their muddy muddy boots on OUTSIDE because everyone knows that's where the boots should be. And then they decided they needed a bunch of stuff INSIDE the BEDROOM where the LEGO was ALL OVER the FLOOR. Whereupon the mud came off of the boots and was walked on till it turned into fine yellow dust. In the Lego.

And the dog? is completely traumatized because Santa brought Fun Snaps for stockings and she is terrified of them. (Santa you are a sadist and a dog-tormentor!) She (The Dog) feels safest in amongst the Lego in the bedroom, where she sheds enough to make a whole 'nother dog. As I may have mentioned in the past.

Thus, the Lego is full of dried mud dust and dog hair.

Here endeth the lesson. If you have learned anything at all, let me know. I think this is Karma, and will haunt me until I have an "Aha!" moment of some sort.


Candygirlflies said…
All I know is that there is most likely a hearty "Thou Shalt NOT..." in it somewhere...

Most lessons usually have one, unfortunately.

My deepest sympathies.

xoxo CGF
Anonymous said…
Gah! The lego is a nasty thing--especially beneath bare feet in the middle of the night. Boy toys are mighty sadistic. You poor woman.