If You Never See Me Again....

No, not really. But I am really really busy these days, aren't we all? Who'd be a working Mama? We must be mad. We should all stay home and homeschool and grow our own food and sell hand-knitted sweaters.... Hmmmm, that sounds doable actually. Except that nobody's buying handmade anything these days... *sniff*

So before I go off on a ramble about the pros and cons of running a small business, I will just not. I need sleep, yo. This weekend, we are going Down De Islands with Sean's Mum and Dad and assorted family and friends. This week I am working like a madwoman but tomorrow morning I am going to yoga class for an hour and a half. Yessss!

And tomorrow is Sean's Birthday! Happy Birthday Snoogie Woogie! I am in charge of breakfast and Snax for the birthday party weekend, and Fatima is in charge of all other food. Bliss!

Maybe I will take the laptop with me this weekend and write a nice long newsy post about WHY I am so busy. Or maybe I will have naps instead and read my books. I will think about it. I miss reading everyone's blogs. I will catch up soon!


Candygirlflies said…
And yet, you managed to visit my blog today!! And leave a comment!! MUCH appreciated.

Oh, sweetie. The blues that accompany running a small business are never-ending these days. I know.

Enjoy every single minute of the weekend, and don't give writing another thought. Save it all for a gigantic post when you get home!!

Rest, relax. And Happy Birthday.

xoxoxo CGF
Anonymous said…
Enjoy that yoga class!
And many happy returns to Sean!
Ndinombethe said…
thanks for coffee yesterday! Was great but too short.. sorry I had to jet off.

Glimpsed you walking into a building on Rust St. Busy bee! Yes, I was at Verandah having lunch :)

Will check you ddi
Theresa said…
HAVE FUN FUN FUN!!! I know all too well that it will be a blast.

happy boitday Seanos!
Unknown said…
Happy Birthday, Sean. And have fun 'down the islands'.
Nan Sheppard said…
Hey, there are some people's blogs I HAVE to visit whenever I can or I will totally go into withdrawal... And I will definitely enjoy the weekend. Yeah, Tash, you're off with the ladies who lunch and I have to shuffle Servol days at TIBS. Some peple, I tell ya!
Elan Morgan said…
You are being featured on Five Star Friday! http://www.fivestarfriday.com/2009/01/five-star-friday-edition-37.html