In Haste While My Potatoes Boil Over

You guys are wonderful. Your comments on my last post kept me educated and hilarified, two things which I need right now. Have I mentioned that my Comments tend to be better than my Posts? Anyone out there reading who doesn't comment, I recommend checking out my commenters for a giggle anyway. And their Blogs too!

So school is in, (Boo! Hiss!) and the homework has poured upon us like.... a bad similie. I can't think of any at the moment, help me out o commenters!

Some of us have mild coughs, so we are drinking Organic Throat Thingy Tea with Secret Yogic Ingredients. It's yummy!

I haven't been online as much as I would like to, because work, school, housework, Sam and Max's passports expire in a month GAH, they need UK visas in three months GAH, it takes one galactic year to renew a Trini passport GAAAAH! But I am pulling strings because I WILL NOT LET THEM STOP ME! I know a guy. There are also 794 other Very Important Things To Do on my List, and I am really missing the tranquility and love of the Christmas Holidays. My tree is still up too, but I will work on that tonight.

Max has fallen out of the hammock and it's ALL SAM'S FAULT so I have to go.

Okay, they have decided to play football outside so I don't. But the potatoes!



Anonymous said…
My comment section is always better than my posts. It's the best part of blogging.
Anonymous said…
Really? That bad to get a passport? Yikes! Good luck!
Nan Sheppard said…
They tell me I can get an appointment in 2010, or pay a $500 per child bribe. Corruption rocks.
witchypoo said…
My comments are far better than my posts. I don't know why such smart, witty people come back for the crap I write.
Unknown said…
"Homework has poured on us like poop in a two story outhouse."

Does that help? You guys in Trinidad DO know what outhouses are, right?

And if they're playing football outside it's the round ball kind - not American.
Nan Sheppard said…
Lou wins the Simile Prize by default! Good one, though. Two storey outhouse. Shudder. Outhouses, we know them well. Scary if you need to poop at night!

We refer to the other kind as "American Football" and scoff.
Unknown said…
Scoff if you like - but if you've ever played it - it is a tough as Rugby and as fast as Soccer - 30 seconds at a time.
Nan Sheppard said…
Oh yeah... Rugby with PADDING! Sissies.
Theresa said…
i was trying to think of a similie with poo,
but then I saw it was done by Lou.

boo hoo.