Long Time No See!

What a WEEK! I don't even know where to begin. How about at a random spot in the middle? Okay, and we'll use bullets for further disclarity. (Word!)

* Mum had her Grand Exhibition Opening on Tuesday night. Months of ... no, years of work culminating in a show which has received critical kudos and applause. The Exhibition continues for the next two weeks at the Art Society Building, Federation Park. If you drive into Federation Park from Maraval and continue towards Marlin's swimming club, it's the white building on your left. Go. It's an amazing show.

* On Monday a person (I use this term lightly) broke the major road (Tragarete Road!!!!) and slammed into my fender. He got on bad, and I asked him to meet me at the St. James Police Station since arguing in the road may not be the safest thing to do nowadays. He disappeared. Poor man, karma is gonna get him. As my friendly policeman said, "Terrible things are happening these days, Ms Eye In Da Sky." Gesturing at my mangled fender: "This? Is a very small thing." Tomorrow I will probably be writing a nice cheque for the straightener dude. And I will get my car back. Yes, I gave his licence plate number to the police. And the insurance company.

* It has been raining (in February!) and the traffic has been horrible.

* Chas fell out of a tree on Sunday afternoon, and no bones were broken. I took him to an acupuncturist on Monday after school, as he had been complaining of headaches and was stiff and bruised. She speaks with a strong Korean accent and it was a really interesting experience for us. She explained everything she did. Chas walked out of her office totally healed, and went back on Wednesday for a massage and to make sure all was well.

* My business has a buyer and I am wrapping it up over the next few weeks... sad, but happy.

* Sam spent one of his math tests staring out of the window and doodling, and his teacher is devastated. He will get a really bad mark for that test and is cross about it, but I am really glad it has happened now. There are few oppourtunities for Sam to learn consequenses like that.

* Art with the kids has been going well at school and I am SO enjoying it.

* On Saturday Sam had a Soccer Tournament, (they WON!) Max had a Taekwondo Grading, (Yellow Belt!) Chas had S.E.A. lessons and then jammed some tunes by his buddy who has a cool electric guitar, ( I went along and we discussed picking techniques: Christopher uses a pick, Chas a Spanish finger-picking technique. They are both terribly serious.) Then Max went to the movies with a friend and Sam went to a birthday party and later we ALL went to Kelli and Brett's house where they fed us burgers off the grill. All except Sam who was full of party food. The boys all hung out inside with Brett who is an animator and owns Eye Scream Animation, and they learned a thing or two. They are all going to be animation guys when they grow up now. Kelli and I sat on the porch and talked till nearly nine o'clock! Gosh! It was good.

* Oh, and I locked my keys (and my phone, too) in my TRUNK. The height of ridiculous. Luckily, it was so hot I had left all the windows down an inch. I poked a stick through and tweaked the lock, and we got in. After trying a dozen other things of course! Then, two nights later, mum and dad did the same thing but they weren't so lucky. They had to borrow Judy's car and drive home for the spare keys.

* On Sunday we got stuff done. Sam and Max vacuumed the car, Chas did homework, I did 753 loads of laundry and cooked and baked and I feel slightly better organized. One night this week the boys and I AND mum and dad all got home late and hungry and I said "Haha! We have lasagne!" And it was good. When the fridge is full of healthy snacks and frozen meals, I feel like everything is cool. I don't have to wonder what to cook when we get home hungry.

* My To Do List is a mile long.

* I have a Carnival Costume!

* Tomorrow is Friday!!!!! Yippeee!


witchypoo said…
We must have pics of the costume!
Really, my life depends upon it.
You lucky thing! You got a costume. I'm looking for one. I do this every year. Swear I am not playing and then buckle at the end.
See you soon. Your Mum's exhibition was the greatest. I'm so glad I got Amerindian doggie. :)
Anonymous said…
okay that's enough going on. congrats to your mum on her show!
Ndinombethe said…
ooh I 'm awful just awful. Forgot the exhibition. I swear if I don't staple the invitation to my head (aka enter date in my phone) I forget everything!!!!

Just tried to call you - give me a shout when you can. Plans for later? Think pool, wine, (kids in pool) burgers or pizza or pasta for dinner and then driving home AFTER traffic.

I actually just called for acupuncture to see if it helps me jaw. You're always one step ahead. Such a doer!
Unknown said…
You ARE going to post a picture of yourself in the carnival costume, right?
Nan Sheppard said…
Witchypoo, I will be sure to post pictures. Just to annoy Theresa. Yes, Lou. Sharon, I don't even know what it looks like, I just said YES PLEASE when the offer went around. I hope it fits! Tash, you are a life saver.
Islandgirl said…
Oh gorm..ah get horn by Tash! Never mind tea sometime this weekend! Better I was home with sickypoo chile this afternoon anyway :-)
Theresa said…
lawd! Busy much!!
theoneRAH! said…
There's an acupuncturist in trinidad? Where??
Can i get a contact number?
Nan Sheppard said…
Rah, go to the Olympic Marshal Arts' Centre on Belle Smythe Street in Woodbrook. That's the LAST street off Ariapita Avenue if you're heading west. They are open from about 3 or 4 every afternoon. Master Jung's wife is the acupuncturist. I went this week, and it was interesting. You have to go several times apparently, and it's about 200 or 300 dollars each time.
theoneRAH! said…
Thanks so much!