Wrapping It Up...

We've given away so much STUFF in preparation for our big Move, and so far we haven't missed anything. (I lie: Chas said "Where's the Big Book Of Animals? You WHAT?") How come we have so much stuff in our lives? The more we get rid of, the easier it is.

So y'all are thinking "Gosh, there's probably NO clutter at all in Nan's house!" and you are WRONG! There is still clutter. But it's easy to get rid of now, see above. We have given away HUNDREDS of books, for one thing, but there are hundreds more. How can one family have so many books? I have enjoyed going through them and re-reading some One More Time before I give them away. The boys, too. (Reading books, not giving away boys.) (Hmmmm...)

I have also pretty much packed up my Studio, which was weird. My small business is a big part of who I am. It's not easy for an artist to make a business out of her work but I did it. I supported myself and my boys during some very hard years, and while I haven't worked as hard as that lately, at least I know it's there to fall back on if necessary. It's a little scary to let go of my safety net and have nothing to fall back on. Okay, it's really scary. Two people asked if they could buy the business from me: The good name and the idea. I am letting it go to the beautiful and talented Hazel who has been working for me for the last few years. Getting paid for the business is a great pat on the back for me. I may also sell designs to Hazel, which could be an ongoing source of income BUT Hazel is an artist in her own right and I have taught her as much as I can. I don't think she will be needing me for very long.

I have been trying to renew Sam and Max's Trini passports, which is a bit like beating myself up with a sack of bricks. The less said about that the better. HOW can it possibly be so PAINFUL to renew a passport? How? Sean is going in this week to beg sweetly, and then I will get UK Visas organized for those two boys. Eventually, it will come together.

Chas is working on his S.E.A. Exam, which happens soon! I hope he does really well, as it will be a good ego boost for him. It's hard to have a little brother who's a bloody off-the-scale genius, and if Chas can say "I got a first-choice school" it will be so good for him. So I've been really trying to help him, and his attitude has been great. He's rising to the challenge. He can do it.

Samba Doggie knows we're going, and has been clingy. She got a sudden chest infection the other day, and I had to call out the Splendid Vet who rushed over and prescribed Expensive Drugs. Samba is all better now and back to her sprightly old self, but it was a worry. She's thirteen! That's pretty old for a doggy.

The cats couldn't care less.

I have my very last SERVOL lecture in a few weeks. They say they will miss me and whatever will they do? They gave me a really nice letter for my resume. My last lecture's in Beetham Estate, so I'm going out with style. The Beetham boys offered to steal the pardon-my-french car once, and couldn't understand why I wouldn't go for it.

My dear friends have been weeping and gnashing their teeth and pouring ashes upon their heads. Me too. My FRIENDS! I must be mad to leave you. But I am going. Expect many phone calls.

We're saying goodbye to so many things. And so many people. Yikes.


Anonymous said…
Enjoy that clutter-free feeling! It won't last long. You'll just be getting settled in, and one of your new acquaintances will move and you'll end up with donated crap just like the stuff you said good-bye so happily! Trust me, I know whereof I speak... ;)

WHEN is the big day? And good luck with passports! Oh how I hate bureaucracy, esp spelling it. Now that we finally have a rental contract, we get to start dealing with the Moroccan version of it. Lucky us!
MS said…
Ooooh I know the feeling of saying goodbye. And of getting rid of PILES of THINGS that you accumulate. GOOD LUCK CHASBO! Hope you feel better soon Sam! Hey to you Max!

witchypoo said…
You won't be leaving the blogosphere, will you? And your RL friends can keep up with you on Skype and your blog.
Islandgirl said…
I'm still in denial.... :-(
Unknown said…
I am so glad that your move to Old Blighty won't mean we will have to be missing you. I mean, we know you out here. Of course, I have been so fortunate to have met you, live and in color, but I don't get to see you every day like Sharon and others do. And I'm SURE that Bunty and Rory will miss you most of all. And the boys. It will be hardest for them.
Anonymous said…
Oh you are up to your EARS in things to tend to. Thanks for the blog update--and good luck sorting all of it out--from passports to packing.