Shamelessly plagiarized from The Diva. Complete the sentence, and play!

1. My partner... is far, far away.

2. Maybe I should... check on those lamb chops.

3. I love... my friends. I was just thinking about this today, that I am blessed to have such amazing, supportive, gorgeous, honest, real, witty, stylish, ummm, friends, who are all good cooks and have impeccable taste and babysit at a moment's notice and are going to come and visit me soon with wine and laughter! I really love them.

4. People would say that... my new haircut is sexay.

5. I don't understand... modern banking, at all.

6. When I wake up in the morning... I will hit "snooze".

7. I lost... my fear of large hairy tarantulas this week. Kinda.

8. Life is full of... Joy.

9. My past has taught me... how strong I can be.

10. I get annoyed when... I have to say the same thing OVER and OVER and OVER.

11. Parties are... for dancing!

12. I wish... there was no housework.

13. Dogs... have friends and owners.

14. Cats... have staff.

15. Tomorrow... is the last day at school for the boys.

16. I have a low tolerance for... people who have to use several lanes to turn.

17. If I had a million dollars... I would buy a house.

18. I'm totally terrified of... nothing.

19. I'd rather be... writing something AMAZING and thought-provoking!

20. My vice is... mmmmmm, dark chocolate.


i am the diva said…
mmmmmdark chocolate...droool
Unknown said…
I want to see the new hair. Picture, please?
Anonymous said…
I adore your list--hitting snooze was one of my favorites. Yes, post that new haircut!
BlueBella said…
haircut pic!

haircut pic!

haircut pic!
Theresa said…
I'm so gonna steal this.